Following her success at Eurovision 2015, she’s solidified her career in Russia with hit after hit and countless accolades, including the Golden Gramophone and the Muz-TV Award.

And now Polina Gagarina adds another talking point to her expanding CV, presenting a slick music video for the song “Vyshe golovy”. Literally translated that’s “Higher than head”. But it’s actually a Russian expression that means “Larger than Life”.

Despite the lofty title, the video and song very much address messy situations here on Earth — most especially troubled matters of the heart.

The drama starts early. The video beings with a saxophone falling from the sky and an unsettled Polina heading to a cafe to have a difficult conversation with her Mister. A series of flashbacks show what Polina has endured: an intense relationship that frequently erupted in violence. Those scenes are interspersed with Polina walking away and burning artefacts of their love.

Lyrically, she makes it clear that enough is enough.

We have no one to blame for the absence of love
No need for big words and hard looks
You know, I should not be by your side
We were drowned in an endless lie…

Speaking of the new single, Polina said:

“I think every person has had an unlucky love experience and many people can recognise themselves in this story. It’s when you delude yourself that there is a solution, but there is not. When love verges on insanity and such a dear person suddenly becomes a complete stranger, a point of no return is reached and there is no way back.”

She also made it clear that this story is hers, too. “But no matter what, even in the most desperate moments, I can definitely say — I believe in love.”

Writing on Instagram, the “A Million Voices” hitmaker gave a major shout out to her director Alan Badoev.

“Thank Alan Badoev! ​​You are a Director with a capital D, a great artist, and I hope that a great movie is just around the corner! You are worthy of the highest awards.”

Alan previously directed the performances of TAYANNA in Vidbir — the Ukrainian national selection — and the Eurovision videos for Svetlana Loboda’s “Anti-Crisis Girl” and ALEKSEEV’s “Forever”.

What do you think about the song and the video? Would you like Polina to represent Russia again? Let us know down below!

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Ay Jo
Ay Jo

A typical Russian ballad. Nothing new .

Vladimir P.
Vladimir P.

Considering Polina was a Eurovision runner-up in a very hostile atmosphere, most Eurovision fans know her. Together with Sergey Lazarev, I think she is one of the best Eurovision entrants ever.


Her new haircut is awful. What the heck happened to her?

Nguyet Huynh
Nguyet Huynh

Those music videos directed by Alan Badoev have never disappointed me :)))


I loved her at Eurovision. She was so cute.

But YIKES !!! What a violent video.

Polegend Godgarina

That’s what most of her videography/discography is like. We got to see her ‘softer’ side at the contest but her music is usually dark!