We’re slowly heading towards Melodifestivalen 2019, but the stars of recent editions have been busy in the studio. Let’s take a look at some ore new releases, this time from Mimi Werner, Dotter, Isa, Lisa Ajax, Molly Hammar and Renaida.

Mimi Werner – “Innocent”

Mimi Werner made a mark at Melfest with her country-pop sound and continues that with her new single, “Innocent”. It has a much more upbeat sound and Mimi dishes the dirt on a troublesome lover. She might be a bad girl, but she’s not alone — “You’re not innocent at all!”

Dotter – “Heatwave”

Fan favourite Dotter was a shock non-qualifier in the semi-finals of Melfest 2018, but the “Cry” singer isn’t shedding any tears. “Heatwave” is a dramatic number that combines Dotter’s delicate vocals with a bold instrumental.

Isa – “Perfect”

The former Melfest teen star is back with a sophisticated pop sound. “Perfect” has a modern electro-pop flavour and lets Isa express her emotional vocals — “I don’t have to to be perfect, so what?” The video features Isa and a dancer delivering some interpretive dance by a vintage car parked in a frosty landscape. So Swedish!

Lisa Ajax – “In No Time” & “Think About You”

Lisa Ajax has been busy, with two new singles under her belt. Last month she released “Think About You”, an upbeat lament to a broken relationship. More recently she released “In No Time”. It’s about getting over a bad relationship and moving on to better things — and Lisa delivers it with loads of attitude.

Molly Hammar – “Sex” EP

Last month Molly dropped one-third of her name and released her single “Blossom”. That single joins five other songs (including a stripped-down version of “Blossom”) on Molly’s new EP. The collection has the titillating title “Sex” and is all about celebrating sensual delights and aural pleasures.

Renaida – “Loco Notion”

After giving us all the feels at Melfest 2018, Renaida now has new single “Loco Notion”. It’s rumoured to have been a Melfest contender, but with more instrumental breaks than “Fuego”, it would have been challenging to stage it as a potential Eurovision entry. But nonetheless, “Loco Notion” is a banger and is the perfect song to take us into summer.

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Hmm this round goes to Isa, close race between her and Molly Hammar…


Samir & Viktor‘s soccer song is also amazing!! #putyourhandsupförsverige


Less good but more obviously world cuppy…
De Vet Du: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVJWQvfAcDM


I was listening to “Heatwave” before I saw this article ^^
It’s so good, and it sounds much more like Dotter’s other songs than “Cry” ! It seems true to her style, and she definitely should have gone to Melodifestivalen with “Heatwave”…


Living for Renaida?