If there’s one thing that can be said for Serhat, it’s that he knows his divas. The Turkish television producer has previously sung with Viktor Lazlo, Tamara Gverdtsiteli and most recently Martha Wash. But now he’s keeping the Eurovision love flowing by reworking his 2004 song “Total Disguise” into a new version with Greek-Swedish diva Helena Paparizou.

The song has been a staple in Serhat’s singing career. He originally released “Total Disguise” in 2004 as a duet with the French-Belgian singer Viktor Lazlo. If her name sounds familiar, she borrowed it from the Casablanca character Victor Laszlo, but she may be more familiar as the host of Eurovision 1987.

In 2008, he released a Russian version, “Я + Ты” (“You and I), sung with the Georgian singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli. Serhat revealed himself to be a cunning linguist, delivering the Russian lyrics in his trademark seductive tones.

And now the song is getting a third go round, this time with Helena Paparizou serving Greek-Swedish Eurovision diva realness.

The music has also been given a revamp and introduces modern electronic sounds and club beats. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Serhat’s growl and Paparizou’s honeyed vocals.

Paparizou shared news of the collaboration with her fans on Instagram. She wrote, “It was a pleasure to work with you Serhat!!!”

Serhat represented San Marino at Eurovision 2016, with “I Didn’t Know”. He later released a new version of the song with 1980s disco diva Martha Wash on vocals, which recently entered the Billboard dance chart.

Helena Paparizou won Eurovision for Greece in 2005 with “My Number One”, but most recently she sang on the demo version of Eleni Fouriera’s Eurovision 2018 runner-up “Fuego”.

Serhat feat. Helena Paparizou – “Total Disguise” lyrics

Under the blue sky
It’s just you and I
And I wonder why
I can’t be with anyone else but you

Is it something in your eyes?
Or your innocent lies?
That makes me feel like I’m lost here
I’m wandering around in total disguise

It was extraordinary
And from one to many
I love you, sevdim seni
Sen de sev beni, sev beni

Since you could make me smile
Then you could stop the world for a while
Sometimes you make me cry
Then you give me wings and make me fly

Na na na na na na….

I hope it’s true
And I am with you
We’ll go on a trip
That will never be through
Whatever you do
Tell me you feel the same way too

Since you (since you)
Could make me smile (Could make me smile)
Then you (then you) could stop the world (stop the world) for a while (for a while)
Sometimes (sometimes) you make me cry
Then you (then you) give me wings and make me fly

Since you could make me smile
Then you…

Sometimes (sometimes) you make me cry (you make me cry)
Then you (then you) could stop the world for a while

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5 years ago

I am so happy for Serhat that he has achieved this kind of success. Though this is very unexpected of him tbh.

5 years ago

Too much power for a single track.

5 years ago

Sounds like a weird (in a positive way) mix between Turkish folk-influenced pop songs (:D )and stuff recorded by likes of Filatov&Karas…but it’s nice 😀

5 years ago

Hey, Robyn. I want to suggest a correction in the lyrics. I think it is “I love you, sevdim seni, sen de sev beni”.

5 years ago
Reply to  LiGhts

You’re welcome 🙂