From Latin fire to upbeat pop, Operación Triunfo — the show that returned in 2017 with immense fanfare after a six-year absence — is still burning bright. Besides the fact the show has been renewed and is currently in casting, its most recent alums are now dominating the Spanish charts.

Here are some recent releases from OT alums that will keep your holidays sunny and bright as you wait for the next edition of OT. Ana Guerra, Miriam, Aitana — they’re all turning it out!

Aitana – “Arde” (It Burns)

She served glamour and excitement during Spain’s Eurovision Gala back in January. And from that selection, everyone seems to remember “Tu Canción” — the winner and this year’s Spanish Eurovision entry — and “Lo Malo” — the #AitanaWar duet that came third but went on to dominate the Spanish summer. Between those songs, Aitana’s “Arde” finished a well-deserved second.

And now “Arde” is paving the way for Aitana to become a star with a new and improved post-OT version.

The newly refined sound comes with an extended length — surpassing the 3 minutes allotted to Eurovision songs. We hear more drums, stronger rhythms and an arrangement that is somehow lighter. But “Arde” maintains the essence of the song. It keeps burning and flowing while showing once more Aitana’s magical and peculiar tone.

The ending is also somehow extended, leaving people with an unexpected feeling as she brings things home. The instrumental bridge is now more palpable and includes a pleasant orchestral vibe. The new version might have lost some of the silent quality that made the original pleasant, but it still resonates and echoes with so much power. The famous last high note remains untouched.

Miriam – “Hay Algo en Mi” (There’s something in me)

Miriam was the first of all sixteen candidates from OT 2017 to release new music. She did it ahead of OT! She might have missed the chance to represent Spain during the Eurovision Gala, but this bronzed lioness still conquered hearts during OT.

“Hay Algo en Mi” comes after FOX Spain proposed that the Galician singer compose a song for the new season of “Vis a Vis” — a Spanish serial drama that is set in a prison. Miriam not only jumped for joy after noticing but also managed to self-compose a hymn for her favourite TV show! Career launched. The show is about a prison, but our girl is free.

Her offering is an emotional but epic ballad all about the freedom, courage and strength that come with womanhood. The song has a clear feminist message meant to empower all the female fighters out there. As she sings: “There’s something in me, that they won’t take away from me. I’m a woman, don’t belong to anyone…”

Miriam also presented her first music video, which proves to be just as powerful and emotional as the song. It features “Vis a Vis” — yellow garments women have to wear in prison — and some dancers that convey their struggle for freedom and their call for unity. Her video has already surpassed 7 million streams! Diva, you slay! 

Ana Guerra – “El Remedio” + “Ni La Hora” (feat. Juan Magan)

Y’all, Ana Guerra — a.k.a Ana War — is serving proper fire and Latin fever all across the Iberian Nation. She’s not got one single — she’s got two!

“El Remedio” was the song with which she fought to represent Spain in Lisbon as a soloist. She’s now revamped it and is serving it mucha calor! Ay mamá! And bon appétit, baby.

With more power and Latin essence, Ana’s “El Remedio” takes you to a party in Cuba’s La Havana — and…literally voy corriendo pa yá! It serves good vibes, upbeat fun and her very clear intentions to burn the dance floor. Definitely a pick for your wiggle-wiggle playlist!

But that’s not all.

Last week Ana Guerra released a collaboration with one of Spain’s most famous producers and mixers in the reggaeton style — Juan Magan. The result is the summer hit “Ni La Hora (Not even The Time)”.

Ana Guerra and Juan Magán is Latin pop pleasure filled with Spanish beats and a healthy dose of reggaeton to get your hips moving. The chorus is a real ear worm: “Hola, mira que bien me va sola. Nadie a mi me controla, ya no te doy ni la hora.

Interestingly, Ana spreads a feminist message using a style of music that is often criticised for its portrayal of women. Ana wants her lyrics to empower women and recently spoke of a mother thanking her after hearing her daughter singing such activist lyrics.

More OT singles

Other OT contestants Cepeda, Roi or Mireya have also dropped new tunes.

Mireya delivers the ultimate fire. Her single “Corazón Vendío” is juicy, catchy and oozes a summer vibe. Her heels are worthy of a special mention — she’s really owning the ground she’s walking on and letting no one walk over her! Her single is included on her album Mis Reflejos, which is already out.

Artists including Alfred, Amaia, Agoney and Aitana have teased new music coming in 2018, so stay tuned. And while you do be sure to follow our new music playlist below.


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5 years ago

Arde – Spain’s REAL Eurovision song this year…
Aitana is such a talent.

Josh Kennon
Josh Kennon
5 years ago

Really hoping Aitana gets selected for Eurovision at some point — her talent is unmistakable!

5 years ago
Reply to  Josh Kennon

I feel the same way about Aitana, her potential is huge. I would also like to see Ana Guerra in Eurovision someday. She may not be as gifted as Aitana and Amaia as a vocalist, but she’s super likeable and has great stage presence.