Last May she brought Slovenia back to the ESC final after a two-year absence. And now Lea Sirk can add one more achievement to her CV courtesy of her new song “Moj profil” (My Profile).

A catchy pop song with a tropical beat, it’s keeping that summer vibe going. And that’s exactly what Lea’s newest award is all about. The song won the annual Melodij morja in sonca festival in Slovenia — that’s the festival of Melodies of the Sea and the Sun — a festival that celebrates the best summer tunes of Slovenia.  Along with winning the Grand Prize — which is chosen through a combination of televotes, live audience votes, a professional jury vote and a vote on selected radio stations —  the song also received a prize from the festival’s professional jury for best music.

Former winners of the festival include Eurovision alumni Tinkara Kovač (2014), Nusa Derenda (2001) and Raay (2015 — one half of the duo Maraaya).

The song comes with a colourful video that was released the same day as the festival results were announced — on July 14.

The video starts in tropical paradise-esque settings, with a young man wearing nothing but a leaf, and shots of Lea Sirk and an apple in a cage. Sounds familiar?Adam and Eve in Paradise with the forbidden fruit is our guess too?

And the references keep on coming. Surrounded by Lea and three other beautiful women, “Adam” takes a bite of the forbidden apple and is immediately transported along with the others to the present day. But instead of paying attention to the young man or each other, the women are busy taking selfies on their mobile phones. We’ve all been there…

The video then jumps between the present day scenario and the paradise scenario. It’s incisive commentary on how social media overwhelms us all.

What do you think of Lea Sirk’s new song? What do you think of the video? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Nancy G
Nancy G
3 years ago

Our girl gets it.

3 years ago

I’m so happy that she’s doing so well after Eurovision. For me she was the personality of the year, and I hope she is
still going to develop as an artist.

Juan Cena
3 years ago

So is this version of Adam and Eve the Kabbalah version of the story where Eve was the third of Adam’s wives?

And is Lea supposed to be the Eve or the serpent?

3 years ago

here is the English translation of Slovene lyrics: