Azerbaijan’s fiery pop diva Samra Rahimli has dropped her latest music video, and it’s even hotter than Britain’s heatwave.

Samra’s sultry new song is called ‘Jacket’ (though why would you need one, with outfits and dance routines as steamy as this?), and it’s an upbeat summer tune, filled with house rhythms and catchy hooks. The sort of thing you could definitely imagine blasting out of a Baku beach bar.

For the glitzy music video, Samra — who represented Azerbaijan in 2016’s ESC, and placed a respectable mid-table 17th — gets dolled up in a variety of glitzy, gorgeous bodysuits. Jewels dangle from the ceiling and adorn Samra’s ears. But there’s one motif that makes an appearance throughout – the singer and her backing dancers are rarely seen without a jacket.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, the 23-year-old singer said: “The song is about a girl who is bored studying and she wants to experience the nightlife. She takes her jacket and leaves. It’s the idea of a good girl gone bad.”

Samra certainly plays this part well – she is shown to be dancing the night away in fishnet tights, swaying her hips to the beat, using any man, woman or even chair that gets in the way as a prop. Her angelic voice almost seems to clash with the sexy vibe… but in a good way.

Samra switches between her trademark dark, wavy locks and a cropped blonde wig, teamed with angel wings – perhaps to represent the two sides of the character she represents. When we asked her why she chose this daring new look, she revealed she did so on a whim but loved the result.

“The wings don’t have any special meaning — I just wanted to see how I would look in them — like a different version of me. I was shocked because I thought that blond isn’t my colour, but I liked it.”

The song was a gift from Eurovision 2012 interval act and musician Emin Agalarov, and Samra made sure to thank him on Instagram, writing: “Emin, a big thank you for this song…this is a very important project for me.”

The video was filmed in Kyiv. If the visuals are anything to go by, Samra’s new single looks like a big budget production, and it’s hoped it will storm its way to the top of the Azerbaijani and Russian charts. However, the haters are never too far away – many have criticised Samra for being too sexy for Azerbaijan’s somewhat conservative music industry.

Whatever. We’re absolutely getting down with Samra. And buying up ALL the fishnet tights in sight.

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5 years ago

I hope Emin will represent Azerbaijan in the near future.