She might not have taken Iceland to the final in 2017 with her self-written song “Paper”, but Svala has definitely propelled herself forward since her ESC stage debut. And she has been extra productive over the past week and a half — releasing two new singles AND revealing a new record deal.

A little over a week ago the Icelandic singer-songwriter shared on social media that she had just signed a new record deal with Sony Denmark as a solo artist. In recent years Svala has been pre-occupied with making music with her bands Steed Lord and Blissfull. So much so that her last solo album was released way back in 2005. So, apart from her Eurovision entry in 2017, this record deal will include her first solo material in 13 years!

Svala – “For the Night” Official video

“For the Night”  — released on July 20 — is a writing collaboration between Svala her husband Einar Egilsson and Ryland Blackinton, a US native the pair met in LA where they have been residing for some years now. The sultry electro-pop comes infused with a slow and sexy beat. It doesn’t drift too far from Svala’s past work.

And it’s not just the song that is sizzling. The video oozes sex appeal — and Svala is the main source of the heat. Known for her edgy and outré fashion, she isn’t giving anything back in that department. We can all probably agree that the cut-out jeans paired with those fishnet tights is a fashion statement to remember.

Reykjavíkurdætur ft. Svala – “Ekkert drama”

July 20 was also the official release date of Svala’s second single “Ekkert drama” (No Drama).

This song is a collaboration between Svala and the Icelandic all-female rap group Reykjavíkurdætur (Daughters of Reykjavík). The song had been released for radio-play in Iceland earlier in the week, but it premiered in the rest of the world on Spotify on July 20.

The rap scene has been blossoming in Iceland over the past few years. The girl power rap group was formed in 2013, and their main motivation was the need for more exposure for female rappers in Iceland. They always sing in Icelandic and their lyrics have a strong feminist mark.

The song is fairly typical for a Reykjavíkurdætur track, where various girls divide the verses followed by a melodic chorus. And that’s exactly where Svala comes. Slaying her role as guest artist, she gives this drama-free chorus life. The lyrics reflect the title: the women sing and rap about how they want no drama and just want to have a carefree night with their posse.

What do you think of Svala’s two new singles? Which one do you prefer? Are you excited for her future music? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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4 years ago

I love ‘For the night’

4 years ago

Svala represented Iceland in 2017 not 2016

Juan Cena
Juan Cena
4 years ago

I hope Svala works with Ouse sometime. He an Icelandic musical/producer who writes music for Fortnite player/streamer’s YouTube channel.

Heck, I hope Iceland picks Ouse to represent them at Eurovision sometime!