“Greece is going through an unspeakable tragedy.”

Those were the words of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as he declared a state of emergency in the Attica region ahead of three days of mourning.

At least 74 people have died in the worst wildfire Greece has endured in more than a decade. At least 200 people have been injured and another 700 were forced to flee into the sea.

In one of the most horrifying scenes recounted so far, the bodies of 26 were found close to the beach. The men, women and children sought refuge in the water, but didn’t make it. Their corposes were found clinging onto each other, parents holding children.

Cyprus and Spain sent planes to help fight the fire. And Eurovision stars at home and abroad have been raising awareness about the situation. Here are some of their words.

Yianna Terzi — Eurovision 2018

“My Greece. Your children…Why.”

Demy — Eurovision 2017

“Yesterday evening I was crying until I was sleeping but I could not imagine what I read in the morning. I have no words about this tragedy, just a weight in the heart.”

“Let us voluntarily help those of us who can in the affected areas… There is an urgent need for medicine and dry food. Let’s not forget…the fire-fighters who once again sacrificed themselves to fill the gaps and state incapacity…”

She ended by quoting the poet George Seferis: “Wherever I travel, Greece wounds me …”

Maria-Elena Kyriakou — Eurovision 2015

Cypriot-Greek singer made an urgent appeal for Cypriots to donate food that will be shipped to areas of need in Greece.

“Greece we hurt with you #FOODCOLLECTION”

“It has been officially launched all over DHL CYPRUS (pan-pan) food stores (dry food) and essentials (baby diapers, baby food, personal hygiene). The collection will continue until Thursday afternoon to send the afternoon of the same day to Greece by DHL in collaboration with REACTION.”

Kosa Mostra — Eurovision 2013

“As a sign of respect for the victims of the fire in Attica, the “Refreshment – The Exceptional Excursion” event will not take place today, July 24, 2018.”

“We wish strength and courage to everyone. Our thoughts are with you. #prayforgreece”

Sarbel — Eurovision 2007

“My Greece, those who live away from you, send their strongest prayers !!!!”

Anna Vissi — Eurovision 2006

“We are afraid … the thoughts of all of us from last night are black, and until this death of life is overcome, and this injustice to our nature and existence, and this destruction of creation, and the destruction of so much labour and sacrifices.”

“In our thoughts the victims and their people, but also all our fellow human beings who are enduring the same as here in our country and the rest of the Earth, but [we’re] not even learning it most of the time.”

Hadise — Turkey (Eurovision 2009)

Alex Larke  — UK (Eurovision 2015)

HOVIG — Cyprus (Eurovision 2017)

Harun Tekin — Turkey (Eurovision 2008)

Minus One — Cyprus (Eurovision 2016)

Serhat — San Marino (Eurovision 2016)

Lara Fabian — Luxembourg (Eurovision 1988)

Philipp Kirkorov — Russia (Eurovision 1995)

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What other messages from stars have you seen? Please link below and #PrayForGreece. 

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5 years ago

Kalomira and Helena Paparizou also. Eleni Foureira announced that she will donate the income of her last three concerts to the affected communities!

5 years ago
Reply to  Stef

Thats why Eleni is loved by everyone.

5 years ago

This is such a horrible situation! We haven’t seen such a disastrous wildfire since 2007! A big “thank you” to the firefighters and the volunteers who do everything humanly possible to help everyone in need! Hope the death toll doesn’t rise! I hope we find solutions to the problem and not have fires every year whenever the wind is strong. Thoughts and prayers to all the people affected and their relatives and friends!

Ariso Light
Ariso Light
5 years ago

Such a sad start to the week for my country and my relatives. It is so sad and horrifying. #PrayForAthens #PrayForGreece

5 years ago

Mikolas Josef and Eleni Foureira also!

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
5 years ago

First of all, I wish them all the best and I wish the fire would stop as soon as possible!
But I think people nowadays are eaaily using the #prayforX…
Still a horrible disaster.

5 years ago

Pray for Greece! So sad :/