The X Factor Malta doesn’t hit the airwaves until October, but there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. Another member of the judging panel has been confirmed and plenty of former Malta Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision stars have revealed they are auditioning for the show.

The next position at the judges’ table will go to 1980s rocker Ray Mercieca. He’s best known for being the frontman of internationally successful rock band The Characters, and more recently with the ska band The Rifffs.

Ray is also an experienced songwriter and has plenty of industry experience that X Factor producers are hoping will make him a valuable asset to the judging panel.

He will join music manager Howard Keith Debono, who was confirmed yesterday as the first member of the judges’ panel.

Meanwhile, X Factor Malta is dropping hints about the identity of the third judge. In a Facebook post, they have revealed the next judge will be a Maltese woman who is based in Rotterdam, a singer, songwriter and guitarist, and has a Bachelor of Music degree.

? COMPETITION TIME ??Try guess our THIRD judge in the comments section by following the facts on this poster ??Winner…

Posted by X Factor Malta on Monday, 30 July 2018

Fans have been quick to put the pieces together and identify this as Alexandra Alden. She is an upcoming young singer-songwriter who is currently living and working in the Netherlands.

The fourth place on the judging panel still remains a mystery, but it is widely expected that the Maltese pop queen Ira Losco will take that role. Last week the Lovin Malta website reported that sources close to the show confirmed that the “Walk on Water” singer has been locked in a judge for the new series.

Who has auditioned?

But the judges are only one part of the X Factor Malta. Perhaps more interesting is who will end up competing on the show.

We already know that Janice Mangion and the mother of Claudia and Fabrizio Faniello have auditioned. But more names have emerged.

Franklin Calleja has revealed to his Facebook followers that he has made it to the judges’ auditions stage. The newly blonde MESC regular took a break from the Maltese national final this year and instead tried his luck with San Marino’s 1 In 360. But it looks like Franklin’s Maltese Eurovision dream is still very much alive.

So happy! Made it through the next phase of the Judges Auditions! ??? —XFACTOR MALTA ?

Posted by Franklin Calleja on Wednesday, 25 July 2018

MESC 2017 act Jade Vella has also made it to Judges Auditions. She shared the news on Facebook, accompanied by a sassy video.

From Junior Eurovision comes Nicole Azzopardi. She placed 13th in 2010 with “Knock Knock!… Boom! Boom!”, but eight years on she’s giving Eurovision a go.

She revealed that not only has she made it to judges’ auditions, but this week she also graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Enterprise. Well done, Nicole!

Another former Junior Eurovision act hoping to make the transition to the X Factor is Francesca Sciberras. In 2009 she placed eighth as part of the duo Francesca & Mikaela with their song “Double Trouble”.

At the beginning of the month, Francesca enticed he Facebook followers by saying “Let the journey begin”. There have been no public updates since, though she did make a post with the cryptic message, “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.”

Let the journey begin ??

Posted by Francesca Sciberras on Monday, 9 July 2018

There’s no word as to whether Maltese Junior Eurovision winners Gaia Cauchi and Destiny Chukunyere have auditioned. The two 15-year-old singers will each be turning 16 later this year, which makes them old enough to enter the X Factor Malta and Eurovision 2019.

There’s also no hint whether or not MESC regulars Brooke, Deborah C or Lawrence Gray have auditioned. Contestants are under no obligation to reveal if they have auditioned, so expect some surprises as more about the show is known.

What do you think? Who should be the fourth judge? And who would you like to see audition for X Factor Malta?

Additional research by Pablo Nava


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Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange
5 years ago

Wow Franklin has changed a lot! I do really like him, he has a great voice.

5 years ago

if brooke borg entered x factor she would clearly win!

Roelof Meesters
Roelof Meesters
5 years ago

I would bet Some serious money that Destiny Chuckunyere and Gaia Cauchi Will one day represent Malta at ESC.

5 years ago

Participants in X-Factor Malta AND Eurovision Song Contest have to be aged 16 or older by May 1, 2019. Destiny and Gaia were both born in 2002 – Destiny on August 29, and Gaia on November 19. They would be excellent options for Eurovision.

5 years ago

Well it looks like Ira Losco will be the fourth judge after all. I saw a post from a Eurovision fan, I think he’s called Edwin Rowan. But he messaged her apparently she said yes. This was shared to the Eurovision Song Contest group on Facebook and I joked around that it will be revealed on July 31, as that’s her Birthday, if they’re are revealing the third judge later today. Again, this will be estimate when she’ll be revealed but now more likely than ever.

5 years ago

Destiny won’t participate… She said so in a Instagram story…

Anyway, I’m actually really excited for this but still don’t know how it will work out for Malta… can’t wait to see more updates:)

5 years ago

Franklin will look like the obvious winner but he’ll finish second, beaten to first place by an unremarkable singer whose granny dies the week before the final.