They have competed in Melodifestivalen no less than five times and have plenty of stories to tell. And now Swedish disco trio Alcazar are airing some of those stories in their recently released autobiography Alcazar: Carpe Disco. The book has been published in the wake of the group’s decision to break up and offers a rare look behind the scenes of Sweden’s most popular disco band.

Alcazar: Carpe Disco takes the readers back to where it all began 20 years ago and describes the group’s highs and lows, but it also reveals juicy and very candid details about the many conflicts that have characterised the band for two decades. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, the book touches on the truth about the relationship between Andreas Lundstedt and former member Magnus Carlsson, the disagreements between Lina Hedlund and Tess Merkel and the dramatic exit of former member Annika Kjærgaard.

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Another revelation in the book? Breaking up wasn’t a joint decision! Whilst Andreas and Lina were keen on keeping the disco ball spinning for years to come, original member Tess felt it was time to pull the plug on Alcazar. And much to the distress of the two remaining band members.

“I felt I was such a traitor — a damn Judas,” Tess says in the book. “There are so many feelings and love in Alcazar. How can I end something I love?”

It was during a meeting with the Melfest veterans’ management and booking agency about the band’s upcoming tour that the idea first came up. Apparently someone mentioned it as “a unique selling point” if the band was to part ways. Tess states in the book that she had never really thought about leaving Alcazar, but that she felt “relief” when the idea was introduced at the meeting.

So long, farewell…but first a tour

Even though Tess’ decision wasn’t well received by her two band members initially, both Lina and Andreas are now completely on board. And there is no bad blood between the three soon-to-be ex bandmates, as evidenced by their triumphant performances at this year’s EuroPride in Sweden for which the group wrote the theme song “In the Name of Love”.Besides wowing the crowd, the three current members were joined on stage by Magnus Carlsson and Annika Kjærgaard — the perfect sortie for Alcazar!

The trio is currently preparing a farewell tour — 20 years of disco – Mission completed — which will kick off on 5 October in Halmstad.

Lundstedt goes solo…and dates Melfest star

On top of the farewell tour, Andreas Lundstedt is preparing a solo show for the spring of 2019. And the disco-loving Swede will be embarking on his new solo adventure with a new love in his life. The Swede is now in a relationship with former 2008 Melfest participant Daniel Mitsogiannis. Congrats to the Melfest couple! 

What do you think about Alcazar’s autobiography? Will you read it and what do you think of them breaking up? Leave your comments in the box below. 


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5 years ago

This is quite sad… I hoped to see them at Eurovision. Can Sweden just select them already (I personally would welcome something different from Sweden’s entries for a change)! Since they have not had the best of luck at Melodifestivalen, maybe they should enter San Marino’s 1 in 360. Eurovision would be the cherry on top of their illustrious career before they disband.