Every summer since 2005, Swedes have gathered inside the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm for some spectacular entertainment. But instead of riding the ferris wheel or shooting down a slide, they’re watching the live broadcast of Sommarkrysset — a TV4 show celebrating the best in Swedish music.

The long-time summer festival regularly includes familiar faces from Melodifestivalen. And on August 4 the line-up featured 2018 finalist and Polish dynamite Margaret. The “In My Cabana” hitmaker — who reached No. 8 on the singles chart (Sverigetopplistan) back in March — took the opportunity to debut her new fiery single “Lollipop”.

Contrary to her previous single, Margaret hints that this summer she will be doing things her own way — and with some playful and teasing lyrics.

“I got all my girls with me,
Got no time for see honey
I got all the friends that I need
Don’t need you hanging around me”.

Call it a case of boy, bye! Margaret shows her sass throughout the song, so much so that she even draws inspiration from this year’s Eurovision winner Netta and her winning song “Toy”.

“You keep on trying that’s just stupid boy.
I’ve play I like I do with all my toys.”

Her live performance was assured and confident, and she dominated the stage with her backing performers creating a feel for woman power. Continuously smiling, her vocals were flawless and she seemed genuinely happy to be strutting her talent for all to see.

The song is cheerfully catchy, making listeners want more. The clicking rhythm makes it an instant foot tapper and shoulder banger. The hook traps you into singing along, and the lyrics are easily relatable for anyone who has been down — but found their way out. “Lollipop” is suggestive but not crude as she has found the balance between tongue in cheek and sexual. Unlike a “typical” heartbreak song, Margaret flips the script, turning to the positive and remaking herself as number one.

Is a Melfest comeback on the horizon? I hope so. She’s still only 27, she’s already proven she can perform and her natural tone is mainstream but interesting. No, water can’t cool her down…

Are you loving Margaret’s latest? Are you hoping for a comeback? Let us know down below!

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4 years ago

I really liked her since she started with Thank you very much and I still think she shoul have won insted of Michal Szpak in 2016. Anyway I really hope she’ll represent Poland one day in the ESC and give them their best result.

4 years ago
Reply to  noone

So winning?