She rose to fame as one-third of The Netherland’s Junior Eurovision 2016 act The Kisses.

But now Stefania is standing on her own two feet and launching into what promises to be a successful solo career.

Earlier this week the teen star released her first single “Stupid Reasons, a thoroughly empowering dance anthem in which she lets a guy know he’s not all that.

“Boy you think you’re to good to be true, but that’s a lie, you’re just another guy,” she sings in the opening bars. “You say your friends all agree that you’re funny, yeah they do, but now the jokes on you.”

Speaking to wiwibloggs, she let there be no doubt about the meaning of the song: “It’s about a girl who has enough of all the excuses from a boy and is done with him…but he is still not ready to leave her.”

As in any song involving a someone done wrong, the song carries slightly aggressive undertones. But the production feels light and breezy with the xylophone opening adding a delightful tropical vibe. Stefania may be living a storm, but she’s doing it with style and uplifting feels.

Her vocals are as strong an on-point as ever. Her voice sounds rich and full and more than handles the attitude and slight R&B edge the song requires.

Just as she did on the Malta stage during JESC 2016, Stefania hits her angles and finds the light in the glossy music video, which she filmed at the iconic Groninger Museum. Voguing and pouting in a fine arts setting, she uses the bright blue and pink walls as a canvas on which to slay.

Are you loving Stefania’s maturing sound as much as we are? Would you like to see her representing The Netherlands at the adult Eurovision one day? Let us know in the comments box below!

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4 years ago

I have been following her ever since JESC and thb I didn’t expect much when I knew about the single. But now the truth is that I loved the song and lyrics.