Ieva Zasimauskaite Absorbed new single 2018

She brought all the feels in Lisbon with her touching performance of “When We’re Old”. Now, Lithuania’s Ieva Zasimauskaite is making another play on our emotions with her new English-language single, “Absorbed“.

Ieva wrote the song herself, producing it alongside Donatas Kelmelis — her first track that she’s had such a lead role in creating. She debuted the song live on LRT before releasing the video later in the day.

Ieva Zasimauskaite — Absorbed

The song is even more stripped-back than “When We’re Old” was, focusing almost entirely on Ieva’s vocal. If you loved it in Lisbon, then you’re likely going to love it now too – with the production certainly on point for the track.

“Absorbed” focuses on the loss of a relationship; Ieva is “absorbed” by the thoughts of her partner.

Whilst the song itself seems to focus on the melancholy of the situation, the video offers another view. There’s great contrast between Ieva — bathed in grey on a riverbank — and a happier alternative, as she takes in the sunlight amongst fields in a flowing white dress.

The video premiered at a special conference Ieva created in Vilnius. There, Ieva spoke about her own personal battle with searching for positivity in life, alongside other featured speakers. Guests at the event included another Eurovision alumni, Monika Linkyté.

There’s also another big event in Ieva’s calendar too. She’s confirmed that she’ll be hosting a special concert in her home town of Kaunas in December, featuring a number of her fellow Eurovision 2018 acts. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on that one as it gets closer!

Ieva Zasimauskaite — Paslepk Mane

Whilst “Absorbed” is Ieva’s first English-language song since “When We’re Old”, she also released a follow-up Lithuanian single in June.

“Paslepk Mane” is a love letter to a significant other: clearly, in Ieva’s case, it’s about her husband Marius. He features in the music video, which highlights Ieva’s time in Lisbon. There’s even a brief cameo by a certain wiwiblogger!

What do you think of “Absorbed”? Are you excited to see what Ieva does next? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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5 years ago

I love the simple purity of her voice and her willingness to avoid gimmicky schtick that is the in thing of the moment. Beautiful.

5 years ago

For those in the Uk…does anyone think her vocal style is very much like Dianna Vickers.
The song is very soothing, but a little sleep inducing.

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
5 years ago
Reply to  Yodenman

There is a similarity in vocal technique and range, yes. However, each artist sings completely different material. Diana tended to go for more risky songs with a twist and up-tempo numbers that worked for her, whereas Ieva has really has found the sweet spot with slow, deep and emotive songs lately.
I suppose both voices are perfect for recorded sound. Ieva could even sing the next big film theme. 🙂