Glennis Grace Walk On Water

What’s this? “Walk On Water”, the first single from Glennis Grace (The Netherlands 2005) in three years.

When did it drop? Just after Eurovision, on 17 May.

Tell us more: Not to be confused with Ira Losco’s 2016 song of the same name, “Walk On Water” is a mid-tempo pop number which oozes soul. Boasting a near irresistible hook, the track allows Glennis to show off her impressive vocal range. On the verses, she’s gentle and calm. But come the chorus, she’s belting it out, just like her idol Whitney Houston.

At Eurovision it was all about “My Impossible Dream”. Here, it’s an impossible relationship with the songstress firmly telling the source of her affections that “We’d have better luck / Trying to walk on water / Than acting like / We don’t want each other”.

“It’s just another love song, but in a certain kinda way though”, says Glennis on her official website, “I think my fans will love it”!

Glennis Grace “Walk On Water” (Official Lyrics Video)

And the music video? The initial single release in May was audio only, with the official lyrics video following in June. Given that Glennis is currently competing on America’s Got Talent, an actual music video is unlikely.

However, she did perform it live on Dutch TV.

Glennis Grace “Walk On Water” Live on RTL Late Night

Glennis Grace at Eurovision: Glennis competed in and won the Netherlands 2005 national selection with the song “My Impossible Dream”. Unfortunately, the success was not repeated at Eurovision. Glennis placed 14th in the semi-final, kicking off the Netherlands’ eight-year non-qualification streak.

What has she been up to since? Post-Eurovision, Glennis has remained active in music. She’s released numerous singles, including “Zeg maar niks” which featured a cameo from her father.

She’s also a member of the Ladies of Soul supergroup, along with Edsilia Rombley (Netherlands 1998, 2007), Berget Lewis (Nationaal Songfestival 2003, The X Factor UK 2017) and jazz saxophonist Candy Dulfer. Trijntje Oosterhuis (Netherlands 2015) is a founding member and sometimes still performs with the group.

In 2013, she hinted at a Eurovision comeback saying “never say never”. However, her most high-profile gig is ongoing. In June, Grace graced American TV screens when she appeared on America’s Got Talent. She progressed through various pre-recorded rounds, before qualifying for the semi-final last month.

What do you think of “Walk On Water”? Should Glennis release more songs like this after America’s Got Talent? Let us know in the comments below.


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5 years ago

Edsilia Rombley’s English-language version of “Hemel en Aarde” was called Walk On Water too, fact fans. I’d love to hear Glennis sing that.