Stig Rasta Big Ohe Sa Ju Tead

What’s this? “Sa Ju Tead”, the debut single from Stig Rästa’s new project Big Ohe.

When did it drop? On Monday, 3 September.

Tell us more: Wondering what exactly Big Ohe is? Speaking to the Estonian website Kroonika, Stig explains:

“This is a new musical project in Estonian called Big Ohe! It’s a project / band / collective that is not a single person, and there is not a single particular singer in this group. The music will be created by different producers and songwriters who are concentrated in Tallinn, one of the most legendary Downtown Studios.”

So basically, a common framework. Bulgaria’s Equinox stan.

Whatever Big Ohe’s status, that of “Sa Ju Tead” (You Know) is clear. The song is a delight. Instantly hummable, it opens with some feelgood electric guitar strums. We’re soon swept away by Stig’s dulcet tones as he sings a charming love song about two lovers who know each other so well. After listening to this, you’ll be smiling to the dog, the cat and anything else that catches your eye.

Big Ohe “Sa Ju Tead” (Official Lyrics Video)

What about his other band? Fans who came to love Stig Rästa at Eurovision 2015 may not know this, but there was life before Elina Born. Lots of it. Between 2002 and 2006 Stig was a member of the group Slobodan River and, since 2006, he has played with the group Traffic. In May they dropped their newest single “Vead” (Mistakes).

Co-written by Stig, the song is about accepting one’s flaws “I have my faults / and you have your own oddities” and looking at the bright side of life “we can decide / Whether the glass is empty or full”. It’s all kinds of sweet.

The fun music video sees a cinema clerk make the most of his empty workplace after clocking off for the night. He dances in the aisles, raids the drinks machine, and performs before an adoring (and invisible) audience.

Traffic “Vead” (Official Music Video)

Stig Rästa at Eurovision: If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again. And that’s exactly what Stig Rästa did in his quest to reach the Eurovision stage. Finally, on his ninth attempt, he won Estonia’s Eesti Laul 2015 with the assistance of Elina Born. Their duet “Goodbye To Yesterday” was a massive success at home and quickly became an early favourite to take victory in Vienna. In the end, it came seventh in the grand final.

Upon awarding the entry a 10/10 in the Wiwi Jury, William wrote:

This song doesn’t cook — it smoulders. Built around the idea of aloof Stig leaving naked Elina in bed, it’s a timeless story with an Old World sound. Yet it works for today because of its sleek production and the pair’s sizzling chemistry. The elder Stig plays the part of detached lover perfectly, while Elina channels an intoxicating mix of desperation, infatution and madness. Goodbye to yesterday, but hello to a potential win.

What has he been up to since? Stig’s love affair with Eurovision continues unabated. He’s entered Eesti Laul every year since, as a songwriter for Jüri Pootsmann and Elina Born in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and as a singer-songwriter with “Home” in 2018. However, he’s yet to match the success of “Goodbye To Yesterday”, with “Play” finishing last in its semi-final at Eurovision 2016. There’s also been a handful of new singles from Traffic, including “Natukene veel” and “Sekundiga”.

What do you think of “Sa Ju Tead”? Are you looking forward to more music from Big Ohe? And what about Traffic? Let us know in the comments below.


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