Cleo Film

What’s this? “Film”, the new single from Cleo (Poland 2014).

When did it drop? Audio came on Monday with the music video following on Wednesday.

Tell us more: “Film” is the third cut from Cleo’s second solo album, which is pencilled in for a March 2019 release. The bright and bubbly track retains the R&B vibes we’ve come to expect from the “Slavic Girls” singer. It’s perhaps the closest Cleo has come to a pop crossover hit and is considerably more melodic than much of her previous releases.

Speaking to the various media outlets, including Polish radio station RMF FM, Cleo explained the song’s meaning:

“My new piece “Film” is a quick reflection on the life we direct ourselves. A bit about putting on the tape of your life only good moments, positive people, happy situations, and everything that is sad and what we can not leave behind the frame. “Film” is an unconventional documentary film, whose director is life”.

What about the music video? The video consists of footage taken from Cleo’s other recent music videos, behind-the-scenes clips and some new material shot especially for “Film”. We see Cleo’s full sartorial range, from her festive dress in “Coraz bliżej święta” to her Mother Earth look on “Eva”. Writing on social media, Cleo also confirmed that a few Easter eggs relating to future projects are hidden in the video.

Cleo “Film” (Official Music Video)

Cleo at Eurovision: In late 2013, Cleo and music producer Donatan enjoyed huge success in Poland with “My Slowianie”. So much in fact, that the Polish broadcaster TVP decided that it would be the perfect comeback entry after a two-year absence. And so, it came to be that the duo headed to Eurovision 2014 along with their entourage of sexy milkmaids.

William gave the following verdict in the Wiwi Jury:

If you mess with Cleo, she’ll pull a razor blade out of her purse and cut you deep. I love her ghetto street edge. I love the way she shakes her small rear. I love the non-stop swagger and the fact that she says “cream and butter taste so good…we prepare for you delicious food.” The hand-clapping that opens this really draws me in and the beat keeps me gagging for more. The bridge is the perfect opportunity for some spectacular visuals. Let’s hope Warsaw makes it out of its semi and that Cleo can shake it once more in the final! If nothing else, I hope Europe appreciates this for the brilliant parody that it is.

The saucy entry scandalised juries but the televote lapped it up. In the end, they finished 14th on the scoreboard.

What has she been up to since? The rapping chanteuse has barely stopped since Copenhagen. Immediately afterwards, she released an album and a handful of singles with her then collaborator Donatan. But after a while, Cleo went solo. In 2018 alone she’s already released “Łowcy Gwiazd” and “Eva”, along with a World Cup flavoured remix of the former.

Outside the recording studio, she’s also appeared on Poland’s version of Dancing With The Stars and replaced Eurovision 1994 legend Edyta Górniak on The Voice Kids Poland judging panel.

What do you think of “Film”? How does it compare to “Slavic Girls”? Let us know in the comments below.


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