Emma Marrone Effetto Domino Mi Parli Piano

Italy is renowned for sending its biggest and best stars to Eurovision. Whether it’s the YouTube record breaking Francesco Gabbani or Il Volo’s American success, the recent returnee never rests on its laurels.

And even those that don’t fare so well at the contest remain huge stars at home. Case in point: Emma Marrone.

She might have achieved Italy’s worst ever result, but recently she was celebrating as “Mi parli piano” became her 16th single to achieve either Oro (Gold) or Platino (Platinum) status in the Italian charts.

Released in May, it hit the Oro milestone in mid-August, joining tracks such as her Eurovision entry “La mia città”, “Resta ancora un po’” and “Il paradiso non esiste”. Of the 16, seven have gone on to platinum status and two more to double platinum.

So, what about the song? Translating to “Speak To Me Slowly”, the mood is downbeat. A mournful Emma sings of a relationship that doesn’t quite work. The couple aren’t on an equal footing, with Emma being the one that’s on the backfoot. “It’s too many times that you speak to me slowly / They are too many years that we know each other / We would have put up a whole building / And instead, a wall divides us”.

A frustrated Emma is left wondering whether the partnership is built on genuine affection or just lust, “It’s love or simply an obsession”.

The vibes carry over to the music video which sees the solitary songstress hire a car and take off to Las Vegas. There amidst the bright neon lights and the heat of the Nevada desert she keeps seeing signs which contain just one word – Hope.

Emma “Mi parli piano” (Official Music Video)

“Mi parli piano” is Emma’s third single so far this year. In January we got “L’Isola” (read our review HERE) and then “Effetto Domino” (Domino Effect) followed in March.

Like “Mi parli piano”, it’s mid-tempo verging on slow. But the general feeling is slightly less gloomy. The title pretty much explains it all. Emma and her beau’s actions have an impact further down the line. But Emma takes excitement from the risk taking, “I’ve always wanted to hurt myself with you / Let’s play our games with the light”.

The music video sees Emma perform at a pole dancing joint. A guy at the bar – who happens to be videoing the dancers – catches her eye, and soon the pair are in bed together. In the morning, Emma leaves him with just a Polaroid to remember her by.

Emma “Effetto Domino” (Official Music Video)

Emma Marrone at Eurovision: Eurovision 2014 was the first – and last – time since its 2011 comeback that Italy bypassed the iconic San Remo festival completely. Instead, they opted to internally select Emma and her song “La mia città”.

The song was an early fan favourite and won over several members of our Wiwi Jury. Angus wrote:

Right here is the baddest bitch you’ll meet on stage in Copenhagen. Don’t even think about f*cking with her. Between the bleach blonde hair and a vocal that sounds as if she accidentally swallowed razor blades, Emma is superbly severe. ‘La Mia Città’ is nothing short of a revelation amidst the tidal wave of ballads. The live performance at USFC in March was admittedly a disaster but I’m confident Emma can pull it back by May. Italy hasn’t put a foot wrong since they came back to the contest and if this doesn’t land them in the Top 10 for a fourth consecutive year something’s seriously wrong with y’all.

However, it wasn’t to be. Amidst some questionable staging and rather unfortunate choreography and fashion choices, Emma finished a lowly 21st.

What has she been up to since? Apart from releasing all the gold and platinum singles mentioned above, Emma’s also made the occasional foray into TV. She co-hosted San Remo 2015 and won the celeb edition of Bake Off Italia. She’s also lent a hand to others, collaborating with Spanish superstar Álvaro Soler and joining Måns Zelmerlöw and Marco Mengoni on the bill for Coca Cola’s Summer Festival in Rome.

What do you think of “Mi parli piano”? Does it deserve its gold status? And what about “Effetto Domino? Let us know in the comments below.


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5 years ago

The stuff I’ve heard from her has been amazing I need to catch up, loved her Eurovision entry, the staging wasn’t perfect but I feel like her performance was still very strong and energetic and not given the credit it deserves.

ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
5 years ago

“La Mia Citta” is my favorite Italian entry ever (a bit before Francesco and Il Volo) 😀 Pure class! Love it so much. So I have to check out her new music, thanks, wiwibloggs! 😀

5 years ago

Actually 17, if we count “Faccio Quello Que Voglio ”
She collabarates in Fabio Rovazzi’s Hit alongside Nek and Albano

Polegend Godgarina
5 years ago

Our music certification system needs to be updated, because even songs that have never charted in the top 100 get certified easily as it only takes 3,750,000 premium streams on Spotify to go Gold (the entire top 35 on Spotify got more than 100,000 streams today, so it’s easy to achieve). They should bring the thresholds up to 50,000 and 100,000 for Gold and Platinum.