Hovig Words Are Never Easy

He’s the Cypriot singer of Armenian descent who defied gravity in Kyiv and brought Cyprus to their third consecutive final. Now, Hovig Demirjian is promising more great pop music for us in 2018 and beyond. Even without Thomas G:son!

Taking to Instagram late last month, the ruggedly handsome popstar shared a snap of him holding a guitar while staring pensively into the foreground. The caption is short and brief, “OK! Soon im gonna share some great #music news with you guys. Really #excited. #staytuned”. The message ends with a black heart and the rock horns hand emoji.

In anticipation of the news, we headed straight to his back catalogue and hit upon his most recent release, “Words Are Never Easy”.

Published in January, it contrasts with the conventional electro-pop of “Gravity”. This one is much breezier and on-trend. Written by Greek musicians Melina Makris and Mark F. Angelo, it’s a simple pop song about struggling to talk to your crush (can relate). The chorus is lovably simple, with Hovig just crooning “Words are never easy when you’re around” to a relaxed tropical vibe. The production is friendly and calm, with smooth modern beats echoing serenely across the song.

Hovig “Words Are Never Easy” (Official Lyrics Video)

Hovig’s passionate voice mixes really well with the laid-back production. It creates a really nice effect – very casual and chilled but still intoxicating. The singer creates genuine feeling and emotion without overdoing it, which just makes the song all the more charming. This is amongst the best in Hovig’s discography. Can we expect more like this? Stay tuned.

As for an official music video, there isn’t one. But the charisma of the song is conveyed in the lyric video, which is simple and calm, yet also gripping. It’s filled with neon and modern nightlife objects – disco balls are always a nice sight! It coordinates with the song really well, never overdoing it but still beaming with light and colour. There’s some real talent behind this whole production!

Hovig proved his talent last year on the big stage and covering Beyonce. Nonetheless, Eurovision was definitely the highlight of Hovig’s 2017, and also produced his first charting single in Sweden. “Gravity”, of course penned by Sweden’s favourite Thomas G:son, hit 11 on the Swedish heatseekers chart. Hovig also performed in Russia late last year and recently traveled across London seeking inspiration. It looks like he’s pumped for this year, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with!

So what do you think? Do you think the relaxed modern style of song works for Hovig? Would you like to see more of it from him? What do you expect is “great music news” to be? Let us know below!


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