Back in 2011, Tim Schou performed at Eurovision with his band A Friend in London. This time he’s looking to Russia for artistic inspiration — and is enjoying success there as well.

Earlier in the year, Schou recorded the video to his song “Altar” in a Russian sauna. In a remarkable moment of musical prophecy, the recent single “Magic” — by Tim3bomb feat. Tim Schou — has now become a hit in Russia.

“Magic” is a pop radio offering underscored with a lounge beat. The collaboration came to life when Russian DJs Tim3bomb discovered Tim Schou through his work with German music producer Felix Jaehn. They liked what they heard and immediately wanted to work with him. So after weeks of negotiations, Tim3bomb sent over a production sample, to which Tim co-wrote the melody and lyrics with fellow Dane Andreas Ringblom in Copenhagen.
What was thought to be a fun exercise with a random song later became a Russian top-20 hit. On the music search engine Shazam, “Magic” peaked in the top three. When we reached out to Tim Schou to get his reaction on the success of his recent collaboration, he said:

“Magic” is still on heavy rotation on the radios and people keep requesting it. I guess you never know where or when your songs are gonna hit.”

However, Tim doesn’t rest on his laurels. As a talented singer-songwriter who challenges himself by consistently making music and venturing into new genres, he’s dropped new single “RunRunRunRunRun” this week.

“RunRunRunRunRun” showcases Tim Schou in a slightly left-field musical direction. Peppered with hues of Rag’n’Bone Man-style gospel, this track picks up the pace with comedic lyrics.

The music video incorporates animation with real life characters. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video is making a strong impression in the Danish music video charts. Despite the repeating lyric of “Daddy’s got a gun’, this hit remains tongue-in-cheek. Tim recently told his fans on social media, “Politically correct or not, I mean no harm and I certainly do not support gun violence. I can assure you that no kittens, ponies, butterflies, dogs or women were hurt in the making of this video.”

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Schou explains further:

“I wrote the song on Skype with one of my favorite co-writers Martin Gallop. The song was initially called “Daddy’s Got a Gun” – until my record label strongly persuaded me not to push for that song title. Then I met Dave Mustaine from heavy-metal band Megadeth on the Greek island where I was writing songs. Then, I flew back to Los Angeles a few weeks later to record the music video in Dave’s house.

“Everything about this project is random. “RunRunRunRunRun” is about having a fling with someone you shouldn’t, but you can’t help yourself cause it’s just too damn sweet to miss. Martin and I demo’d this song in a darker hip-hop direction. But the first time I had sung it to my team during the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, I was singing it in an extremely excited manner. So they had always pictured the song upbeat. In a bid to keep the outcome as close to the version they know and love, I decided to redraft the song in a more upbeat direction.

“As for the video, I’ve gone for Archer meets South Park. I’ve always had this idea of making a cartoon series with my alter ego whilst telling the story of my life. His name is Timmy and I thought what a better way to introduce him for the first time inside of a vagina? That seemed pretty “birthy” to me”.”

Since picking up a Best Male Artist at the International Acoustic Music Awards and signing with Danish Iceberg Music Group & BMG Germany, Tim has kept the momentum going. He’s constantly in the studio, making music videos and couch surfing his way around the world seeking musical inspiration.

Do you connect with Tim’s new songs? Are you loving his new direction? What do you think of his new image? Sound off in the comments section below.

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3 years ago

I just love this guy and his unique style as a solo act. I also love his long hair, it suits him so well

3 years ago

“RunRunRunRunRun”? I’d prefer to stay with the fit-looking mature dad in the video! 😉

3 years ago

I loved his Eurovision entry but his singles never quite do it for me, I appreciate he has his own individual sound, but they always sound a bit unengaging.