He’s the singer who brought his powerful song of self-confidence to Stockholm in 2016, reaching the grand final. Now Freddie has released a cover of “Csakazértis Szerelem” (Just For Spite Love), a song by pop band Első Emelet that was a hit in the mid 1980s.

“Csakazértis Szerelem” is a fresh, summery song about love that is destined to be. Freddie’s cover version has a much more modern arrangement, compared to the synth-heavy original.

But Freddie isn’t singing alone though — this cover is a duet with A Dal veteran Bogi Dallos. Not to be confused with 2015 singer Boggie, Bogi is best known to national final fans for reaching the superfinal of A Dal 2014. Her song “We All” ultimately lost out to András Kállay-Saunders.

Speaking of the cover version, Freddie said, “Nowadays it’s trendy to cover songs from the ’80s and ’90s, and it is totally reasonable. Many songs were born at that time and it is worth bringing them back. The original song is something you can’t avoid, so it was not only an honour but also an exciting challenge. The song has its own character, but we wanted to make something new, to make the song fit our style more, keeping the original melodies and leads, and the duet concept helped this a lot.”

The song also serves as a promotional video for the Milka Oreo Sandwich chocolate bar.

The music video for the song is a colourful one, with shades of blue and purple dominating the scene. It has a strong 1980s vibe, which is reflected by the outfits and the objects, such as Bogi’s jacket, the Walkman or the light switches.

The atmosphere created in the video is a happy and playful one. The clip shows Freddie and Bogi as two friends (or lovers) who have just met.

Freddie is not the first Hungarian Eurovision star to promote food with a song. Last year, András Kállay-Saunders released an ode to nachos.

Did Freddie give you an appetite to eat chocolate? Do you like the song? Do you want to see more Eurovision artists promoting food or other products? Tell us in the comments below!

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Mr. Vanilla Bean
Mr. Vanilla Bean
5 years ago

So yummy. Freddie, not the Milka chocolate, obviously.

5 years ago

He’s so hot I wanna cry!