She’s the Polish and Swedish national finalist who has become one of the biggest favourites amongst Eurovision fans to reach the main contest itself. But while we might have to wait patiently for that to happen, Margaret continues to appease our appetite with her other releases.

At the start of August the “Cool Me Down” hit maker debuted her latest single “Lollipop” on Swedish TV show Sommarkrysset. And now, just over a month later, the music video has finally dropped.

In it we see the singer head to an indoor swimming pool to have some fun with her friends. And if there’s one rule for this party, it’s sisters before misters!

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From slamming the phone down on them to throwing drinks in their faces to pushing them into the pool, Margaret and her girl pals set it clear from the start that they’re not taking any fuss from the men today.

This sassy attitude seen in the video matches the lyrics of the song perfectly, which wiwiblogger Shannon particularly noted in her initial review of the tune:

Contrary to her previous single, Margaret hints that this summer she will be doing things her own way — and with some playful and teasing lyrics.

“I got all my girls with me,
Got no time, for see honey
I got all the friends that I need
Don’t need you hanging around me”.

Call it a case of boy, bye! Margaret shows her sass throughout the song, so much so that she even draws inspiration from this year’s Eurovision winner Netta and her winning song “Toy”.

“You keep on trying, that’s just stupid boy.
I’ll play you, like I do with all my toys.”

The music video also allows the Polish singer, who has previously spoken about her passion for fashion, to doll up in a series of 1920s-style outfits. From a silver flapper girl dress and feather headband, to a purple bathing suit and flowery purple swimming cap, as well as a white evening gown with feather boa trim accessorised with pearl necklaces and gloves, Margaret makes sure to look the part throughout the entire two minutes and 34 seconds of the video.

To end with, Margaret and her friends take to the poolside to truly get the party on and dance the night away (without any troublesome boyfriends to worry about). If this is what going ape in her cabana looks like, then where do we get our invite for the next party?!

Margaret – “Lollipop”

With song selections for many national finals currently underway, fans will no doubt be hoping Margaret’s next release will be for such an event. But whether we see her at next year’s Krajowe Eliminacje or Melodifestivalen, or neither, one thing that’s for certain is that there’s a lot of great music to come from her yet.

So, what do you think of the “Lollipop” music video? Are you loving Margaret’s latest release? And do you want to see her return to a Eurovision national final next year? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Horrible song… And autotuned so much. It sounds awful live.

3 years ago

Nice track- she always has a killer team behind the production too: Arash from aze09, alex p who did fuego, linnea deb who did heroes and producer claydee

3 years ago

its not the instant earworm of the other 2 songs…seems like your typical spotify filler with her voice barely recognized