The Swedish maestro has laid himself bare and exposed all in anticipation for big things ahead.

Benjamin Ingrosso, who represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon this year, has just dropped his debut album “Identification” on Spotify — exposing more about the Ingrosso than what meets the eye.

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My ID or passport shows age, body length and where I’m from but it says nothing about my identity. For example I never feel like the age that’s stated on those papers. I identify myself through my music and with this album my goal was to show you all the different sides of me as a person, artist and musician. Ever since I was a child I’ve been inspired by legends such as Hall and Oats, BeeGees, Ted Gärdestad and Michael Jackson to movies like Saturday Night Fever, Intersteller and Cinema Paradiso. I hope that this album can work as an identification on where and who I am musically but also as a person. And that everyone can find something they connect with. I’m so proud of these songs. Can’t wait for the release of <<IDENTIFICATION<< 28/9! Pre-save to Spotify NOW! Link in bio ???

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A mix of pop, RNB, electro and a little bit of mumble-rap, “Identification” showcases the many facets of the young star pre- and post-Melodifestivalen 2018 and Eurovision. Although the cover of the album ironically presents an objectified view of the singer, Benjamin takes the listener on a deeper aural journey through his life and and mental states over the last few years — much of it influenced by love and loss.

Ingrosso makes his intentions clear in the first track ‘Behave’ — identifying “Identification” as, in essence, an album about love. While giddy and sparky about newly-cemented romance, ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ tells of the tribulations and miscommunications of a one-sided relationship. As love comes and goes — and tears ebb and flow in tracks like ‘If This Bed Could Talk’ —  Benjamin pays homage to his fearless family, with ‘Spotlights’ and ‘Good Intentions’ an ode their unwavering support (mixed in with, of course, a healthy dose of Swedish pragmatism.)

Themes of love and family are complemented by the odd Swedish banger — with the tongue-twisting titled track ‘So Good So Fine When You’re Messing With My Mind’ described by the singer as ‘one of the best songs written on this Earth’. Yes, it’s just that damn good.

Ingrosso has shared the inspiration behind each track through his Instagram, also below:

1. Behave
“When I wrote this song, my energy was on top. We talked about the fact that in a relationship you sometimes started thinking about someone else or looked elsewhere for a new spark. That’s when one of the writers said the word ‘behave’, and I was like *sings behave*. I’ve been blasting this one out of my speakers ever since. I can’t wait for you guys to blast it out of your speakers, even louder!”

2. I Wouldn’t Know
“Why do people keep loving someone who doesn’t love them back? I was too scared to realise the reality I was in at that time. But that day, I decided I’m not going to waste any more time on her. Because I kept asking myself what it feels like to love someone who’s always there for you. ’cause I wouldn’t know.”


3. I’ll Be Fine Somehow
“This song explains the exact feeling I had when we first broke up. You know the feeling of knowing that this is probably the best solution for both of you and later on you’ll be fine somehow. But still, you already missed what used to be. This song is very close to my heart. And I hope it makes you feel that there will come better times, even if you are really sad at that moment.”

4. So Good So Fine When You’re Messing With my Mind
“Ok, this song. The production. The vibe in the studio. Absolutely one of the funnest sessions I’ve had. And I must say, it felt like a banger right from the start. But then I started whispering in the chorus, and the whole song changed. Now it was even better. We were jumping around like idiots, thinking like that we had just wrote the best song on the Earth.”

5. Spotlights
“I’ve been making music my whole life. My family knows me for real – they’ve always supported me, and know how hard I’ve worked to get to where I am. Coming from a pretty famous family in Sweden, people have had prejudgements about me. I learned not to give a damn. I always push myself to keep doing what I love, and that is making music and entertaining people. It’s my passion. Simple as that.”

6. No Sleep
“”No Sleep” came to life after a long discussion in the session on how a lot people think that working in the music industry, everything is about the all the big parties, cool cars, clothes – bragging about all of this and like that’s only way to really be someone. The truth is about us, is that we usually stay in the studio all night, focusing only on the actual work and hoping that that’s what will make a difference in your career.”

7. Love Songs
“This song explains almost every song on the album. Something people don’t know about me, is that I hear melodies in my head, constantly. It’s pretty annoying sometimes, but I wouldn’t change it if I could. And when the song was completely done, I came up with a new melody for the hook, right before I was going to leave.”

8. Good Intentions
“My friends and family are my biggest critics, but also my best inspiration. And I trust their opinion the most. My music wouldn’t sound the same, if it wasn’t for their feedback. I want to dedicate this song to them.”

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9. All I See Is You
“When I wrote this song. I was inspired by my old idols, Like Hall & Oates. It was a clubby and a happy vibe, but the lyrics turned out quite sad. It’s so easy to think that the best way to get over a break up is to go out drinking, or partying with friends. But it can easily make you feel worse. And all you can think about is her. You’re surrounded by all these things that should make you happy, but still you’re walking home by yourself.”

10. If this Bed Could Talk
“It’s almost 2 years ago now since I wrote this song. I remember it so well, sitting in my room with with my keyboard, crying my eyes out. It was 2 weeks after we broke up, and the tears kept falling as I recorded the voice memo. This song was written during the worst months of my life, losing the one person I loved the most. This song means the world to me.”

11. Dance You Off
“Thanks to everyone who helped me and supported me doing this journey. I love you all.”

12. Happiness
“People may think you’re living the dream all the time. When writing and making music, you put so much of yourself into it. But its almost like handing out everything you are into other people’s hands to judge. Success doesn’t always equal happiness. I guess this song is a reminder to myself, to make sure to keep having fun along the way.”

How strongly do you identify with Benjamin Ingrosso’s new album ‘Identification’? Is it giving you all the feels? Let us know in the comments below.


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3 years ago

Well done Benie!

3 years ago
Reply to  Zebb

No Sleep is fave, but overall middle (4-8) tracks’ chain is variegated and sounds fine. Title may not top recent Felix/Rhys collab for me, still a good filler in titles’ package though.

3 years ago

He didn’t like DYO? o.O