Germany is wasting no time, as their Eurovision 2019 selection workshop in Cologne continued over the weekend. And after several days of exciting artist reveals, the list now includes 11 artists as NDR announced another three acts that are part of the top 20.

The current line-up includes BB Thomaz, Sebastian Schub, Nicole Cross, Nina Kutschera, Dimi Rompos and Daniel SchuhmacherGregor Hägele and Diana Schneider.

Am letzten Tag des Kandidaten-Workshops sind mit Aly Ryan, Thilo Berndt und der Band Barna nochmal drei spannende Bewerber ins Rennen um den ESC-Vorentscheid gegangen.

Posted by Eurovision Song Contest Deutschland on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Today’s announcement featured German artists Aly RyanThilo Berndt and German group Barna. Thus, a total of eleven acts have now been revealed.

Aly Ryan was born in Germany but now lives in the United States. The 23-year-old singer already released a few songs, including the single “Parachute”. Thilo Berndt has won prizes at several songwriting competitions. Like Aly, he now lives in the States and has published several cover versions of popular songs on YouTube. Finally, the first group participating in the workshop is Barna. The band made up of Sam, Julian and Tobi formed at a German music show. They’ve recently published an EP with current single “Amber Rose”, which also meets the Eurovision deadline!

Back in August, the Eurovision fan jury reviewed the shortlisted 198 acts. Following hours of rating singers and their respective work, 20 acts received an invitation to attend the workshop.

The selection process is structured the same way as last year. During the next couple of days, the candidates will record short performance clips to show their character, their tone, as well as their preferred genre of music.

Stefan Spiegel beim Top-20-Workshop in Köln

Pssst…Stefan hat sich in den Workshop mit den Kandidaten für den ESC-Vorentscheid geschlichen.

Posted by Eurovision Song Contest Deutschland on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What happens next?

The recorded videos will now be shown to the fan jury and the 20 international experts. These groups will determine the national final competitors. Earlier this year, NDR entertainment director Thomas Schreiber revealed that there may be up to ten acts in the final show.

Another four acts (or more) also attended the workshop but wished not to be named just yet. The remaining five acts chose not to take part due to personal or creative reasons. Moreover, NDR has also recorded videos with acts that haven’t been at the workshop. The final contestants will be revealed in November.

And while none of those have officially leaked yet (unlike last year), there’s at least one act who seems to have been part of the selection process. Paul Weber recently made a post on Instagram taken at the Maarwegstudio2. The setting also matches with previously announced acts.

The national final will once again be hosted by Barbara Schöneberger, whose return was revealed earlier last month. While there is no date announced just yet, the German head of delegation Christoph Pellander did say that it would “take place sometime in the last two weeks of February”.

What do you think about the current line-up? Who would you like to see compete in the German national final? Tell us your favourites in the comments section below.

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4 years ago

I feel like they definitely know what they’re doing here. This all seems very deliberate and well-thought-out.

Liam Lindsay
Liam Lindsay
4 years ago

Aly Ryan is one to watch out for! Super cooky and fun. listen tp her song “No Parachute” online and you’ll understand why.

4 years ago
Reply to  Liam Lindsay

Very cool singer, song and video.