It’s been just over two years since Jamala won Eurovision 2016 with the song “1944”, but the Ukrainian songstress isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  In her latest single, “Kryla” (“Wings”), Jamala sings about perseverance in the face of adversity and finding the strength to carry on when faced with obstacles.

Jamala first debuted “Kryla” live during Vidbir 2018, Ukraine’s national selection for Eurovision, where she also served as a judge.

Jamala had no trouble delivering a show-stopping performance despite being eight months pregnant at the time. And now, seven months and one baby boy later, we have an official music video for the track.

While Jamala herself doesn’t appear in the video, fans will easily identify the Eurovision winner by her distinct voice and soaring vocal power.  In the video, which has amassed over a million views in just two weeks, we see several children pursuing their passions in some rather odd locales.  From a young ballerina in an abandoned warehouse to two young boys boxing in an art gallery, the video is both whimsical yet relatable for anyone who has ever struggled to achieve something.

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“Kryla” succeeds in remaining consistent with Jamala’s musical style while pushing the envelope of what we’ve come to expect from her.  Like many of Jamala’s other hits, including her Eurovision winning song “1944”, “Kryla” centers around a deep personal theme and comes with innovative instrumentation and hauntingly beautiful vocals.  In the song, Jamala seems to be addressing an individual or an entity that has helped her overcome challenges in her life.  In the chorus she asks: “Why do you carry me when I have no strength to go on? When I am embraced with despondency, you take off your wings for me.”

This heartfelt sentiment is accompanied by a surprisingly uptempo chorus that is pushed forward by snare drums which give the song an energy and danceability uncommon in Jamala’s recent music.  Between getting married, releasing hit singles, and giving birth, Jamala has experienced a whirlwind of events since her Eurovision win.  It’s easy to understand how she may have had moments of self-doubt where she struggled to keep up.  Or perhaps “Kryla” serves as a message of self-empowerment to her listeners, maybe even to her son.  Regardless, if “Kryla” is any indicator of the direction that Jamala’s music is heading in, we can be sure that she’s flying toward even more success.

How do you interpret Jamala’s latest music video?  Spread your wings and sound off in the comments below!

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Finally new album! She’ll also have tour (Nov-Dec).

iAN new banger from my queen. Jamala, yeeees baby, love it

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno

My most favourite winner and entry of all time! Jamala with 1944 <3
She's such an amazing artists, a huge inspiration for me!


Mine too! And this song is one of the best songs from this year.