They dealt with grief and took the pain to the Eurovision stage in Lisbon with “Viszlát Nyár”, and they later released their anger with “Hol Voltál”. Now Hungary’s AWS continue the emotional journey with their upcoming album “Fekete Részem” (My Black Part) by releasing the music video for its third single “X/0”.

Musically we can observe a shift in AWS’ style, as they’re mixing gothic metal elements with their recognizable metalcore sound. Here a haunting synth intro sets the scene before the drums and guitars kick in with full force. The fact that the guitars are tuned during the drop creates a much darker atmosphere than what we’ve heard from them before.

The lyrics describe the struggle of a man with depression. First the doom and gloom crawls around him, as heard in the line, “It’s been a week, my shadow climbs every street/Day by day I drown myself in my hopeless ruins.”

In the second verse, though, the man decides to fight back, backed by the line “but tomorrow I have to get rid of those dark images”.

In the music video, the band can be seen playing in some sort of a dark dungeon, flooded by green and blue lights. There’s also a girl who’s clearly fighting with her feelings too. The video ends with a call to contact the free psychological emergency service if any of the viewers or the people they’re close to are in crisis.

AWS – X/0 (English Lyrics)

It’s been a week that I have not seen the Sun
The house is empty and the fear is screaming from the walls
My eyes are burning, the darkness’ crawling up my veins
I’ve lost intention, I care less every day.

It’s been a week my shadow climbs every street
Day by day I drown myself in my hopeless ruins
Silence is empty, there’s nothing left to say
There’s nothing left for me

Shipwrecked souls
there is no way back to the old version of you
Shipwrecked souls
you’ve arrived where all things die inside you

One-sixty hours, 43 minutes
let’s be honest, from you I don’t get any visits
Hard to define I failed to see it clearly
but tomorrow I have to get rid of those dark images

It’s been a week I can’t see the other side
If only I could name that dark beast so I can hide
Silence is empty, there’s nothing left to say
there’s nothing left for me

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