Saara Aalto is skating her way into a new challenge. Yep, Finland’s Eurovision 2018 star has confirmed that she will participate in Dancing on Ice 2019. This follows her success on the reality TV show X Factor UK, cementing her status as a queen of competitive primetime television in the country.

Unlike on the X Factor, Saara will be performing her dancing routines on the ice. And we’re fairly certain her voice won’t factor into the results. No matter. Our girl has charisma and she’s ready to let it all hang out.

“Snow fairy is back and I’ll dance like nobody’s watching,” she wrote on Instagram. “I can finally tell you I’m doing @dancingonice UK.”

Wearing a white top with a plunging neckline and standing before an icy blue background, Saara seemed to nod to the Finnish flag while finding the light.

She also called on her fans to get behind her as she tackles this new challenge.

“You know how much I like adventures… so this will be an amazing but challenging one.. skating in one of the biggest TV shows in the UK!! The UK has been my home for 2 years & you have all taken me under your wing and truly accepted me. Let’s do this together.”

Wild Wild Wonderland

The news comes as Saara performs all over Europe as part of her Wild Wild Wonderland tour. Her fans have always supported her on her journey and this was evident earlier this week when Saara created magic on the stage in Glasgow and Manchester.

Glasgow couldn’t have been a better setting for the Finnish singer to launch her tour as there as so much love and passion for her. The intimate venue — The Poetry Club — offered an up close and personal experience with fans really able to connect with the Finnish star. We are talking major eye contact!

As for the show itself Saara sang fan favourites from her new album flawlessly. Among these was the title track “Wild Wild Wonderland”, “Dance” and “Half a Heart”. Throwing back to her X Factor days she also nailed “Chandelier” by Sia. Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without Saara delighting us with a memorable performance of her Eurovision 2018 song “Monsters”. It’s no wonder the Scottish locals were waving their flag alongside Finland’s.

Straight from Glasgow and on to Manchester the following evening, Saara surprised fans with a duet of her song “Sirens” and Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” with former X Factor star Kevin Davy White.

Taking to social media to thank her fans, it is clear that Glasgow and Manchester hit a sweet spot with Finland’s golden girl.

“Thank you so much Glasgow and Manchester!! Definitely in top 10 gigs of my life!!”

#wildwildwonderlandtour is going to Madrid and London this weekend! And next week Belfast, Dublin and Stockholm!! You just don’t want to miss this loving and crazy atmosphere!! My fans are the best!! #wildwildwonderland

Tickets are still available to see the “Monsters” singer in London and Belfast next week. For tour and ticket information visit

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marcus (Day One)
marcus (Day One)
5 years ago

I saw her in Manchester and although it was a small venue the energy was insane.

She killed it and the crowd was screaming so loud.

Saara is helping to establish herself by going from one big event to the next.

X factor to releasing an album near Eurovision and now continuing her presence by doing dancing on ice.

The opposite of other acts that enter reality shows to regain fame Saara is using it to build her fame.

Hopefully she’ll be on strictly 🙂

5 years ago

Can’t this girl go one year without being in some sort of reality TV competition? 😛

5 years ago
Reply to  Janro

To be honest there are many people who are making a very good living at moving from one show to the next. If the shows producers are willing to pay then who can blame these so called celebrities for grabbing the money.

5 years ago

Well i dont think she was aiming for perfoming at intimate clubs, but if she wind DOI she can be relevant again in uk and even release a single. She has a star quality but something is missing sometimes

5 years ago
Reply to  esc1234

Tend to agree with you. She doesn’t appear to me that she will be a successful singles artist. That seems to be dominated by Rita Ora.,Dua Lipa and Jess Glynne