Our favourite Belarusian artists  NAVIBAND have been fruitful over the summer, releasing both “Molodost’ v karmane” and their first Ukrainian track “Sumne more”. And it’s good news for anyone who’s still suffering from the September blues — starting back at work, college or school after the summer. These two tracks will help ease you into the autumn season.

“Molodost’ v karmane”

One summer, a lake, a campfire, love and friendship — these are the main elements of NAVIBAND’s single and music video “Molodost’ v karmane” (Молодость в кармане).

The song title, which translates in English to “Youth in a pocket”, stands for the fragility of people’s life, but also for the fact that youthful vigour and vitality remain inside us no matter how old we are. NAVIBAND’s Arciom explained it all to the Belarusian news site Onliner.by back in June.

“Molodost’ v karmane” was born after a friend passed away a year ago. Emotions turned into a song in which I wanted to say when life tends to be up and down, one must never forget that it is beautiful. Around the whole world, we should appreciate each other, not be afraid to come together in everyday life, and not forget that we have our youth in our pockets.”

The group explained that they wanted to create an honest feeling of youthfulness, including friendship and love in the video. So we see shots of a group of friends playing basketball and football, as well as swimming in a lake and sitting in a truck driving through the country.

“Sumne more”

“Sumne more” (Сумне море) translates to “Sad sea” in Ukrainian, and is the group’s first work in that language. NAVIBAND has been very popular in Ukraine since they sang a Belarusian rendition of Jamala’s 1944. As a result of their popularity, they even received the maximum score of 24 points from Ukraine at Eurovision 2017.

While the backdrop of “Molodost’ v karmane” is sunny, “Sumne more” is set in twilight, on the windy coast of Vlieland, one of the Frisian islands. The dark and cold North Sea features as the perfect background for the gloomy autumn ballad in which two lovers try to keep each other warm in freezing temperatures. The couple sing “There, the wind met love, love/Cold rain on the water, sing to me… sing to me…”.

Next to touring, Ksenija and Arciom are busy parenting as their beautiful baby Matsei was born back in May.

Which out of the two songs do you prefer? Are you still loving this duo as much as we are?

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5 years ago

Love them!
Sumne more was actually filmed in Lithuania.