They’re alums of both The Voice of Germany and German Eurovision singers. And recently Jamie-Lee Kriewitz and Michael Schulte were supporting The Voice audition of singer Fabian Riaz. Florian is the fiancé of Jamie-Lee and he auditioned with Michael’s song “You Let Me Walk Alone”.

Upcoming singer-songwriter Fabian auditioned on the new series of The Voice of Germany. At the blind audition, he sang Michael Schulte’s 2018 Eurovision success, “You Let Me Walk Alone”.

The performance let Fabian show off his vocal ability and he expressed the emotional of Michael Schulte’s personal lyrics. The performance impressed the coaches. All four turned around, and Fabian selected Irish singer-songwriter Michael Patrick Kelly to be his coach.

But the coaches weren’t the only ones who liked what they heard. Watching the audition off-stage with Fabian’s supporters was Michael Schulte himself. After the performance, he surprised Fabian on stage and the pair reprised the song as a two-man duet.

Michael Schulte came to fame in 2011, on the first series of The Voice of Germany. He made it to the final and placed third overall.

Fabian’s fiancé Jamie-Lee Kriewitz was also a finalist on The Voice, eventually going to to win series five in 2015, eventually taking her winner’s single “Ghost” to Eurovision 2016.

While Jamie-Lee wasn’t at Fabian’s audition — perhaps to let him shine on his own — she supported his efforts on social media. She wrote, “WHAT WAS THAT?! Four buzzers at @thevoiceofgermany for my gifted fiancee @fab_riaz”

The couple announced their engagement just two weeks ago, with Jamie-Lee sharing a photo of her engagement ring on Instagram. Earlier this year, the loved-up couple made an appearance in the music video of former The Voice coach Rea Garvey’s new single “Kiss Me”. Jamie-Lee and Fabian were featured in the music video sharing a smooch.

Fabian also showed his support for Jamie ahead of her 2016 Eurovision performance. He joined Jamie’s The Voice runner-up Ayke Witt for an acoustic cover of “Ghost”. Just two dudes in a car, jamming on a toy keyboard, wearing crazy K-pop headbands.

We wish Fabian well on his The Voice 2018 journey. While the search for Germany’s Eurovision 2019 act is well underway, perhaps he could be in the running to represent Germany at Eurovision 2020!

What do you think? Does “You Let Me Walk Alone” work as a duet? Should Fabian Riaz represent Germany at Eurovision? Tell us what you think!

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5 years ago

Wow, i feel like she’s too young too be engaged. Wish them well though

ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
5 years ago

I wish Fabian the best for The Voice, I wish Jamie&Fabian the best for their relationship, but I doubt that he will go to Eurovision, cause I am familiar with Jamie’s YouTube-Channel and it’s so much going on in their life, it would be enough for me – way too much stress, Jamie said in general 😀

5 years ago

If he is the fiance of Jamie Lee, I’m sure he is a good guy. And he is vegan, right? Bring a hit!