If there’s one thing all of us at Wiwibloggs love as much as Eurovision, it’s you guys — the readers and viewers who keep our little online community going. In our new Eurofan True Story series, we’ll be sharing our favourite stories we hear from you, and giving you the chance to share your craziest, funniest or simply most ridiculous tales from Eurovision.

First up: Eleni Foureira super-fan Carlo, who lives in London and hails from Glasgow. Carlo is an avid member of the OGAE UK fan club, and on any given weekend can be found at an OGAE event or at a far-flung concert on the continent cheering on our favourite Eurovision divas. Think Saara Aalto, Svetlana Loboda and Eleni. If they announce a tour, Carlo is ON IT no matter how many miles he has to travel. Now take it away, Carlo…

What are your three favourite Eurovision songs ever?

“Shady Lady” — Ani Lorak. Ani Lorak is the Kylie Minogue of the Ukraine. She brought us a sassy number with men in boxes, a killer dress and dance routine. Ani is Princess of Ukrainian Pop!

“Anti Crisis Girl” — Loboda. The dirtier Ukrainian Princess. She brought us large wheels, gladiators, killer thigh-high boots and a drum kit… oh and a cart-wheel!

“Fuego” — Eleni Foureira. Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with this song. Pineapples, bananas and vitamin tablets are all very important to me. Eleni brings everything, a dance routine on steroids, hair flicks and fruit sponsorship. My winner of the decade!

What is your first memory of Eurovision?

Gina G — ‘Oh ah Just a Little Bit’ (I can still be seen doing the full dance routine any time it is played in a club).

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for the love of Eurovision?

I recently searched all over London for the perfect full glitter bodysuit, high heels and perfect Eleni wig in order to perform ‘Fuego’ in full drag at the OGAE UK Eurobash. Yes I did have a large inflatable Fyffes banana (thanks to @anotherESCfan who made a trip to the Fyffes distribution plant in search of merch for me) and a pineapple filled with vodka.

With Eleni Fouriera after her London show this year. Fyffe’s impact!

How did you first come across Wiwibloggs?

William and Deban infiltrated my timeline with videos with the slogan “Let’s do this”. I now can’t get the saying out my head!!!

Tell us your best Euro story!

I recently visited Riga to see Loboda in concert. While in Riga I spent 6.5 hours with what turned out to be Russian ‘working girls’. This all started when a few very distinguished looking ladies invited me to their favourite jukebox bar as they overheard me talking about my upcoming Loboda concert.

We danced and sang along to Loboda, Ani Lorak, Polina Gagarina and Max Barskih’s greatest hits for hours. I had no idea they where ‘working’ — I thought they where just being super friendly entertaining a mad foreigner with a fixation on Russian lyrics. Towards the end of the night they realised I was not straight (they really had no concept of camp!), and came clean about their intentions. However, they all decided I was their Scottish Loboda and that I would not be paying for any of the drinks I had consumed. I left to us all singing Shady Lady (in Russian of course!)

Carlo meeting Saara Aalto after her show earlier this year.

If you want to follow Carlo’s adventures, find him on Twitter or Instagram

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4 years ago

My collection of crocheted animals named after Eurovision artist is at your service. Just give me time to finish Valentina the Lobster

ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
4 years ago

The blue glitter is fab! And a picture with Saara, I am getting jealous haha 😀 Much love xoxo

Idan Cohen
Idan Cohen
4 years ago

Good for him! I hope we’ll see him in Tel Aviv next year!