He’s the chanteur who started France’s renaissance at Eurovision. And for Amir, his career has only sky-rocketed since then.

With two successful albums under his belt since his participation in Eurovision 2016 (both of which have gone platinum), the “J’ai cherché” hit maker has now reissued his 2017 LP Addictions with 14 new songs for his fans to delve into.

Following the initial release of the album last year wiwiblogger Katie reviewd it as follows:

With Addictions taking two years to produce, there isn’t one track on the album that has been rushed or overlooked. Like his first album Au coeur de moi, the tracks are a mixture of French and English — combining upbeat pop with more mellow and heartfelt sounds.

The deluxe version very much picks up where the original left off, so if you loved the first release then you’re likely to enjoy the new songs from the reissue as well.

That being said, we do see a slightly different side to the singer on tracks such as “French Kiss”, which is a bit more mid-tempo and moody compared to the up-tempo and happy tracks that he’s perhaps known for.

As usual there’s predominantly a mixture of French and English. However, knowing his fans don’t just speak those two languages, Amir has included a Spanish-language track in the new release as well. “Sal de Mi Mente” (“Get Out of My Mind”) is a Spanish-language version of his previous song “Sors de ma tête”, which was included on the original album release.

Amir – Addictions (Deluxe)

And it seems that the French public are loving the new release as much as us. Within a day of its release the album had returned to the top ten of the French iTunes Charts.

Additionally, the lead single from the re-release, “Longtemps”, has already racked up over 14 million views on YouTube since August and remains at the top of a number of French Spotify playlists.

Amir – “Longtemps”

Amir has truly solidified his place in the French music market and remains France’s biggest Eurovision success story of recent years.

No doubt his star will continue to rise in the coming years as the hits keep coming.

A Year of New Music

However, Addictions (Deluxe) isn’t the only new music Amir has treated his fans to this year. In fact he’s been so busy that we’ve barely been able to keep up.

But it’s time that we right that wrong; so here’s a run-down of Amir’s 2018.

“Les rues de ma peine”

He started off the year by releasing the single “Les rues de ma peine” (“The streets of my sorrow”), which featured on his original 2017 LP and hit the top ten of the Belgian Wallonia charts. In the lyrics Amir says that he is no longer going to wallow in his sorrow, but fight for the love of his soul mate: “I won’t wallow in the streets of my sorrow anymore / Love kills, except when you fight hard for it / I want us to do well, I want us to run far away and hang around.”

The accompanying music video sees the French singer wandering the streets of Hong Kong, where he stumbles across a tourist souvenir shop and accidentally releases a blue dragon that continues to appear along his journey. The rest of the time Amir can be found in the karaoke booth, singing and partying the night away with the locals.


In June Amir teamed up with UNICEF and illustrator Lousion for the music video of his song “Anja”. The song talks of a person who represents all people in the world, as the reality for all people is the same no matter their background: “Anja / Can we love each other like brothers? / Our parents were so different / Anja / You are millions on Earth / The name is not very important / Whether you wear a cross or a star / A little red dot or a veil / The reality is the same.”

This made it the perfect song to go along with UNICEF’s work, where they view all children as equal and aim to support all those who need help regardless of their circumstances: “Anja has 1000 faces, she is all the children of the world.”

“Comme les oiseaux” (with Ishay Ribo)

Finally, at the start of August the star teamed up with Israeli singer Ishay Ribo on “Comme les oiseaux” (“Like Birds”). Amir of course is of French-Israeli descent, and lived in Israel during much of his childhood and while studying dentistry at university. This duet between the two artists has apparently been cooking for a few years now, but it was definitely worth the wait. An upbeat number with a catchy refrain, the song fits in well with a lot of Amir’s back catalogue and talks about soaring that little bit higher each day in order to make the most of life: “Like the birds in the air / Sing mysteries / We have everything to please / Be better than yesterday”.

So, are you loving the new songs on Addictions (Deluxe)? Which one is your favourite? Do you want to hear Amir singing in even more languages? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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