She’s been an icon ever since her Eurovision win back in Oslo. And today — following a bit of a hiatus — new single “Thank You” is finally out. And trust us: we’re the ones who should be saying thank you to her!

The song serves as the lead single from her upcoming album Only Love, L, set to be released on April 5. Following on from her previous studio album “Crystal Sky”, this marks her first proper release since 2017’s emotional ballad “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter”.

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There will always be people who try to tell you who you are or who you should be. Why is it ok to be like this or why it isn’t to be like that. We can give people the power over our minds and emotions, or we can focus on the positive things and don’t give negativity a space to exist. I know exactly how it feels, I know that it’s not easy! We all have to deal with so much fucked up shit. Some have their problems with parents or mean kids at school, hate on Insta, hate because of the color of our fucking skin, our weight or WHATEVER. It’s a little easier if you know you’re not alone ?? You’re stronger than you think ???? you’ll get through the bad stuff and you’re gonna be soooo much stronger afterward as well! Let us fight against hate in choosing love – again and again. Everything we give attention grows – let us focus on love! Only Love, L

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Earlier on Thursday, the singer posted a photo on Instagram with the phrase “growth through resistance”. In what can only be read as an emotional confession, Lena ends her note with the name of her new album — Only Love, L.

Fans reached out to her immediately and had plenty of praise. To many it seems like she’s opening up about what has been inside her for much longer. And as if that weren’t enough, she’s also faced lots of challenges creating her new album. Originally set to be titled “Gemini”, the whole project eventually got scrapped — the nightmare for any creator!

But there was hope as she kept on writing and recording songs in the studio. And with the new song out, we can definitely say it’s been worth the wait!

The track is an uplifting pop number with the potential to become her next big hit. The production is different to her previous record “Crystal Sky” and definitely not what one would expect following the deep cut of “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter”. The chorus is an easy-listening take that immediately puts one in a good place. Blessed be.

Lyrically, the song is about embracing hate and disgrace and then turning it into something beautiful. In the chorus, Lena sings, “Thank you for knocking me down, no I’m not gonna hate you now. Thank you for letting me down. Now that I know that every low will make me grow. Thank you for knocking me down”.

Lena – Thank You

Clearly, Lena’s no longer bitter about the hate and shade and supposed “tea” floating around social media and offline in her real life. In fact, she says that those voices made her realize how strong she actually is. We hear ya girl.

Are you excited about Lena finally stepping back into the game? What are your thoughts on the new song? Sound off in the the comments section below!

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5 years ago

I really like this. Lena’s sound is so unique, it makes her stand out. Lyrics are powerful and strong.

5 years ago

I love Lena but this song is just generic and boring.