He’s the Italian superstar who gave us all the feels at Eurovision 2013 with his moving ballad “L’essenziale”.

But now Marco Mengoni is set to release his fifth studio album, Atlantico, on the 30th November.

It’s been three years since we last had a full LP from the singer, and back then he gifted us with two within the same year. He comments on his Instagram page that after such an intense period he subsequently took time off to travel and live a little, taking his time to work on this new project.

But if the first couple of songs from the upcoming album are anything to go by then it was definitely worth the wait!

Scroll down for the two music videos

Before we get the full product the singer has released the first two singles from the LP. The lead one is “Voglio” (“I want”), and boy is it good!

Also released in Spanish as “Quiero”, the song is a glorious blend of guitars, synthesizers and drums that complement the Italian singer’s rough and sexy vocals beautifully. The beat gets under your skin and all you can do is sit back and let Marco take you on a musical journey that you’ll want to be putting on repeat as many times as possible within the day.

Lyrically, the song is basically a long list of things that the “L’essenziale” hit maker wants. And while there are a few standard requests (“I want a fast motorbike / and all the streets empty / I want the candies”), there are definitely a few more interesting ones thrown in the mix: “I want to dance naked…I want a new skin / the heart of a dinosaur…I want to have desires like a primitive person…to love you like a dog in the full moon”.

To be honest, he can love us in any which way he wants if he turns up looking just like he does in the music video, which sees him walking around an abandoned warehouse with a series of accompanying dancers, representing his various desires, that he eventually locks in a cage. With a more clean cut hairstyle and beard than when we saw him on the Eurovision stage, never has a man had so much sex appeal wearing (and taking off) a Peruvian-patterned zip-up hoodie!

Marco Mengoni- “Voglio”

Not satisfied with one single though, Marco released “Buona Vita” (“Good Life”) on the same day as “Voglio”, with the songs reaching #8 and #4 on the Italian charts respectively.

Again the song was also released in Spanish as “Buena Vida”, suggesting we could potentially be getting both an Italian and Spanish-language version of his upcoming album.

Much more stripped back, this second single features the Italian star’s vocals laid over a simple percussion and acoustic guitar rhythm as he wishes a good life for all: “Good life / To you and me / Good life / To those with a restless heart…Good life / To all distant days / And for the life ahead”.

The accompanying music video was shot in Palermo and features various shots of Marco and the locals in the city.

Marco Mengoni – “Buona Vita”

With these two songs just a teaser of what’s to come on the full 15 track album, we’re counting down the days until we can get our hands on it at the end of the month.

Could this be the standout album of the year? Unfortunately we’ll have to wait that little bit longer to find out.

Are you loving Marco’s new songs as much as us? Are you excited for his Atlantico album? Do you think he should take one of his new songs to Sanremo and Eurovision 2019? Tell us all in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Great news. Marco is the finest singer to grace the Eurovision stage in the 21st century. 7th place? A joke.