In November 2018, Cypriot rock act Minus One dropped “Girl” — the first single off their debut album “Red Black White“. Prior to that, they hit the tour bus with Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple fame. Now, they’ve come into their prime with the eleven-track rock LP, which launches on all music platforms on December 14th.

Ahead of the release, wiwibloggs were given an exclusive copy of the album.

The album consists of eleven songs of which ten are originals. Some of the original compositions like “Girl” are playful, while others such as “Take Me Away‘ started life as an airline jingle. The opening track “The Greatest” talks about people’s delusions. Without being overly political, it probes the pomp of world leaders, and scores a soundtrack to their egos. The only cover song on the album is a ballad titled “You Don’t Own Me” — a modernised version of Lesley Gores’ 1963 hit. Minus One’s version features an aspiring teenage singer, Semeli.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Minus One guitarist Harrys Pari explains:

“What usually happens with Minus One is that we get together in rehearsal rooms for jam sessions. Afterwards, we transform the basic structures created during these sessions into songs. So it is a trial and error procedure until we end up with something good. We like puzzles and we enjoy finding the missing pieces.”

“Since signing to Danish label Mighty Music, most of the album was recorded in Copenhagen. Most times, each band member is mostly responsible for his instrument but since we are all well-rounded musicians, everybody is giving input to everything. This album is not your typical rock album. If you take a good listen, you will find out that there are so many layers and different musical elements which make it a lot more modern.”

“So the story of album titles goes like this. The colours are different kinds of feelings/triggers/moods that are ‘stirred’ when in close contact with someone you’re connected with. The idea of the album artwork (shot by Red Tribe) is to pass on to the viewer or listener how energetic the band is, both in writing new songs and in performing them live. This is why you see us in a classroom with cracked walls, with students falling over, and study objects flying around. This happens at our concerts many times and we are proud of that.”

Overall, this is a solid effort. Minus One are courting true rock fans with this LP. That said, there are many melodious hooks to be found in the album’s standout tracks. With timely marketing and the right exposure, songs like ‘The Greatest‘, “Run Away‘ and the title track ‘Red Black White‘ could find new life as rock anthems. The songs here may be gritty, but their craftsmanship is on prominent display.