We love a good marriage proposal. We also love a crazy marriage proposal. And we have been blessed with the best, craziest, most loved-up marriage proposal of the year, involving Lina Hedlund from Alcazar, a gladiator and a horse show.

Meldifestivalen 2019 star Lina was making a celebrity appearance at the Sweden International Horse Show, at Friends Arena on the weekend. It’s a venue that Lina may very well appear at in the Mello grand final in March, but this past weekend, she had some horsing about to do.

It was all going very normally, when suddenly a horse-drawn chariot galloped into the arena. On the back, dressed in gladiator armour, was Lina’s long-term boyfriend Nassim Al Fakir (brother of Melfest 2010 runner-up Salem Al Fakir). Lina looked shocked and amused to see her bae serving Roman realness in the middle of a Swedish winter.

Things got even more dramatic when Nassim — a popular Swedish television host — began to declare his love for Lina. He said, “We have reached heights that we did not know existed together. We now have a castle at home with two amazing, wonderful and loving children. In front of us there is now a meadow full of endless possibilities.”

And then, if it wasn’t clear enough, he got down on one knee and said, “Lina Hedlund, I love you. Will you marry me?”

There was only one possible answer. But being an Alcastar, Lina first removed her riding helmet, shook out her lustrous locks, then ran to her fiancé shouting “jaaaaaaaaa!”

Excuse us. There is something in our eye. 🤧

The couple has been together for nine years and they have two children. And while Lina has been keen to get married, Nassim was waiting for the right moment to pop the question. He told Aftonbladet, “Lina has been on me for nine years to get married. … I’ve been waiting for the right time. I waited until we filled Friends Arena.”

There’s nothing like a stadium with an audience of 10,000 and a live television broadcast to seal the deal!

Lina will compete at Melodifestivalen 2019 with the song “Victorious”. But in the meantime, there’s a wedding to plan! Wiwibloggs wishes Lina and Nassim all the best.

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Ann Oying
Ann Oying
4 years ago

I love the fact that today couples are together for like 10-15 years and get kids, buy a house and all that stuff, yet they are not ready to get married LOL…
And when they finally do after all these years they divorce one year afterwards saying they grew apart hahaha
(Not saying it will happen Nassim and Lina though)

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
4 years ago

I wish them the best <3
And of course, good luck at Melfest 🙂