He’s the Russian heartthrob who loves to experiment and explore new rhythms — both in his personal life and his musical one. And today Sergey Lazarev did it again, revealing that he is the artist behind “P’yanym, chem obmanutym” — a song that he released on social media under the fake name LVS.

Mr Lazarev’s “P’yanym, chem obmanutym” (Better Drunk Than Deceived) is incredibly current. It has a darker sound than we’re used to hearing from Sergey and it feels more underground lounge than Top 40 pop. But just as Sergey can work black leather trousers and costumes out of the Vatican, he slips into this new sound with ease.

He explained why he went anonymous with the release and what he hoped to prove to himself in a lengthy Instagram post.

“I love to tear down patterns and stereotypes! And I also like to experiment and search, while making sure not to lose myself. At the end of the summer I recorded a track that was not typical for me or my sound and released it on [Russian social networking site] VKontakte not under my own name, but under the pseudonym LVS.”

“I wanted to understand what kind of audience he [LVS] would gather, and whether he would gather it without my name…It was a risk, but the risk was justified! My voice was not declassified (well, except maybe by a few fans).”

“A few days later the track scattered across the social network and began to get into playlists of people who do not listen to pop music at all, and certainly not Lazarev fans. In their playlists, my song under the pseudonym LVS coexisted with Eldzhey, Feduk, sometimes even with Scriptonite, Eminem, Miyagi & Endgame, Matrang, as well as more alternative artists.”

“If I released this song under my true name, I wouldn’t have bothered among the actual youth. So why did I do it? In order to show and verify for myself that I can be surprising and can be relevant, prove that stereotypes often overwhelm us, that we perceived everything through the prism of our internal judgments and habits.”

“It is a little inconvenient for all the cool and fashionable guys in their wheels with chicks, who, for months at full speed in cars, without knowing it, listened to Lazarev’s song! This is a good indicator! But it’s time to dot the top and release a normal track under my own name because the track is Fire!”

“And yes, Lazarev is always in fashion and always relevant! And you like me even if you do not know that it is ‘I’. I hope that I have not offended anyone with the experiment. Good luck and love to all! PS I “Prefer to be Drunk than deceived by you”…but still do not drink a lot, it destroys life.”

Are you loving Sergey’s new track? Are you hoping that he’ll make a return to Eurovision in 2019? And should he sing a song in this style? Let us know down below!


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hey man
hey man

I heard Sergey went through a break up little time ago. So current


Yes, Sergei betrayed his husband not long ago.


I love Lazarev but this song is for sure not “current”. Its very Russian pop IMO.

JJ Abrahames
JJ Abrahames

nobody loves awful russian pop
people who doesn’t like Lazarev are not haters, they are simply sane