Last night Russia held the annual Russian National Music Awards, now also dubbed the Victoria Awards,  and the audience and nominations list was filled with Eurovision stars.

In Moscow’s Kremlin on December 7, the crème de la crème of the Russian music industry gathered and waited to hear whether they had received an award or would have to leave the hall empty-handed.

The nominees included Sergey Lazerev, Philipp Kirkorov, Loboda, Elena Temnikova, Polina Gagarina and Ani Lorak. Among these esteemed Eurovision alums, only Philipp Kirkorov and Loboda secured awards.

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Loboda won both of the categories she was nominated in: “Best Female Pop Singer” and “Best Danceable Hit” for her song “SuperStar”.

The song came with an extra fierce music video. We knew it was gonna be good when it needed a prelude and a +18 disclaimer in the title. Loboda sets the mood with panoramic shots of herself on a dirt bike trail juxtaposed with musings of a woman really feeling her erotica fiction.

The Ukrainian singer’s voice softly narrates the changing scenes as we see images of a woman who, pushed to the edge by love and other matters, fails to hang herself. There’s also a plethora of glamour shots of the singer with her well-coiffed pooch. The awards suggest it went down rather well with the Russian audience, too!

Russia’s King of Pop Philipp Kirkorov had a greater number of chances to be awarded the golden statue. He was nominated five times across different categories, including twice for “Best Music Video”.

Philipp won both the “Best Male Singer” and “Best Music Video” awards for his hit single “Mood Colour Blue”, which already has already raked in over fifty million views on YouTube.

The remix of the song — “Mood Color Black”, made in conjunction with Egor Kreed — has helped position Kirkorov as a star among young people, owing to its R&B leanings and association with Egor…a man-of-the-moment among Russian youth.

The undeniably danceable track has been making waves all over, reaching the top spot in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine, while also climbing in Lithuania, Moldova, Israel and Tajikistan. On Apple Music it’s hit #1 in ten different countries.

Congrats to both of them!

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