They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So reigning Eurovision queen Netta Barzilai must feel very flattered by now, as she’s been imitated on countless sketch shows and various editions of Your Face Sounds Familiar. Well now she can add yet another show to her list.

This time it’s the popular Danish revue Cirkusrevyen, which makes parodies, sketches and political satire in front of a live audience at the venue Bakken north of Copenhagen.

Esteemed Danish actor Henrik Lykkegaard is the man behind the parody where he, dressed in Netta’s winning outfit, performs a rewritten version of ‘Toy’. The music is composed by James Price, a famous Danish TV personality, who happened to have a Dansk Melodi Grand Prix song finish second in 1988.

The sketch is called “Gok Gok“, referring to the sound chickens make and to a person who is a bit cuckoo, and it lasts about one minute and 20 seconds.

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The parody emphasises all the famous aspects and trademarks of Netta’s song — the staging, the clothes, the hair. But it comes with its own ending with Henrik Lykkegaard pulling out an egg from under the DJ desk.

The rewritten lyrics rhyme in Danish and make fun of “Toy” by stating that the song is “really strange”, “cuckoo” and “gibberish”.

The refrain goes: “It’s totally cuckoo cuckoo, don’t understand a thing, but it was me who won this year, an odd model with meatballs in my hair and a mega weird song”, Henrik Lykkegaard sings.

whATeVeR! Netta had the last laugh — she won the entire song contest!

Cirkusrevyen has existed since 1935 and primarily makes parodies and sketches about Danish societal issues, the royal family, celebrities and politicians. It is therefore not often that foreigners are parodied, and the fact that Netta “made it” to the stage at Bakken is a testament to how big of an impact her Eurovision win has made.

What do you think about the parody? And which parody of Netta is the best? Let us know in the comments box below.


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3 years ago

satire really is at its best when it’s something that’s current…!

3 years ago
Reply to  Paul

The sketch was current. This article is not. Cirkusrevyen only runs in the summer time from May to August. So this “news” is pretty old…