From the queen of covers — taking on everything from Zara Larsson to Adele — to the queen of The Voice last year both in France and RomaniaLidia Isac is the brightest rising star. Proving just how versatile she is, the 2016 representative for Moldova has shown a completely new side of her musical repertoire in her latest release, “Aproape” (Close).

In a track that straddles genres and motifs, “Aproape” teaches us that everything in life is ruled by love. The song details the journey of a young woman falling in love and maturing as her feelings grow for her beloved.

Aurally, Lidia confidentially and effortlessly blends the RnB and jazz track with her sultry vocals. Gone are her pop-dance days of “Falling Stars” — she’s definitely matured as an artist. At times, “Aproape” allows Lidia to take us home with her sensual tones — and at other times, her vocals are out of this stratosphere. With every lingering note, echoing tone, whisper and scream — she’s got us feeling all things right. 

Directed by Michelle Mazilu, the video clip for “Aproape” combines art with eroticism — clearly inspired by the works of artists like symbolist Gustav Klimt.  The clip has a pink-fleshy undertone, and we see flowers soaked in running white paint — all while a cleverly covered-up nude Lidia demonstrates just how to apply body paint in the most romantic way.

Cooling yourself down, however, “Aproape” is anything but vulgar — it’s avante garde, darling. 

Speaking to wiwibloggs, Lidia tells us that her own blossoming love inspired her latest track:

“I wrote (Aproape) in the period of falling in love and waiting for big events in my life… It’s a new chapter in my musical career. It’s the one that got me more creative than ever. I am so happy that my song is felt and listened by people that don’t understand Romanian, but somehow they feel the vibe and it gets to them – the emotion that I put through the melody and my voice. Because this is sincere – what goes in my soul and mind.”

Lidia knows a thing or two about love, too — recently getting married! In September, she treated her Instagram followers to some shots of a very modern take of a wedding. She slayed a grey, billowy dress while her now-husband looked dapper in a grey suit matched with white slip-ons. Our girl and her man know how to strike a pose. 

Congratulations to the new couple!

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Has Lidia Isac’s new track “Aproape” got you feeling things? Would you like to see her make a comeback to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 years ago

Omg she went from a singer to an artist with this!

me myself and I
me myself and I
2 years ago

Why artists don’t come to esc with songs like that, especially that are created by themselves. Instead they do what Lidia did : they buy a song from Sweden that not even its composers like, because Falling Stars was not liked by its own song writers.
Congratulations for the wedding, very nice and bohemian, just what I like.

Loin dici
Loin dici
2 years ago

This is brilliant!

2 years ago

the sky is tumblr