At Eurovision, Belgium splits its acts evenly between the Wallonia and Flanders regions of the country. Over recent years each side has brought some stellar singers and songs to the competition.

And this has continued into the new music these artists have released since appearing at the competition.

So for this little round up we’re going to take a listen to the latest singles from Blanche and Laura Tesoro. While they may come from the separate French and Flemish speaking sides respectively, they show us that both regions of the country have so much musical talent to offer us.

Blanche – “Moment”

Blanche’s latest song is “Moment”, and it see’s her continuing the moody, electronic sound she’s been experimenting with since Eurovision 2017. Fans of the “City Lights” singer’s work will no doubt get behind this latest effort as well. However, this is perhaps the Belgian star’s first single that also has a chance to win over people who struggled with the rather monotone structure of her Eurovision entry and previous releases from 2018. A nice surge of instrumentation in the chorus helps create peaks and troughs that we haven’t seen too much of in her songs so far.

Lyrically, the song is all about living in the moment and not allowing other thoughts to stop you: “I sang this song for a moment / You better fly high till it’s over / Come on let the vibe make you stronger / So don’t hold me back any longer”.

The accompanying music video, filmed in London, continues this theme. We see Blanche out with a group of friends, and while they’re busy making the streets the background for their photo shoot, they decide jump into someone’s back yard and come across a swimming pool. Although the Eurovision alumnus is initially hesitant to get in since it’s not their property, she eventually decides to take the advice from her song’s lyrics and dive in. Unfortunately the house’s owner finally turns up and the group have to make a hasty retreat.

Laura Tesoro – “Mutual”

After her two singles from 2017 both hit the top-25 of the Belgian Flanders chart, Eurovision 2016 singer Laura Tesoro is back with “Mutual”. Much slower and more mid-tempo compared to her previous upbeat racks, the “What’s the Pressure” hit-maker shows her versatility and that she’s more than capable of handling a number of different musical styles.

With British singer Ella Eyre (who you may know best from her Sigala collaborations “Came Here For Love” and “Just Got Paid”) on the writing team, the lyrics see the singer talking to her loved one about how they can take it slow and not worry about uttering those three words because each of them knows the feeling is mutual: “Forget the future babe / We don’t have to waste our time / Talkin’ ’bout you and me / I don’t need to make you mine / They don’t know that it’s unusual / But it’s beautiful / That I don’t have to love you when it’s mutual”.

The visual concept behind the music video sees Laura at a photo shoot. However, there’s more than just lighting tubes in the air, as the Belgian singer is seen getting close and personal with the camera man. With many quick glances towards each other and lots of eye contact, it’s clear that the two have feelings for each other. So much so that it’s probably very obvious to the rest of the team at the shoot what’s going on – maybe they’re just being polite by not saying anything.

So what are your thoughts on these latest tracks from Blanche and Laura Tesoro? Which one do you have on repeat? Sound off in the comments below!

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5 years ago

Really good tune from Blanche

5 years ago

Solid song from Blanche, just wished the video to be less gloomy.

5 years ago

If Blanche sent this song instead of “City Lights” she might have won the entire contest.