With the end of the year come the results of Google Year In Search 2018. The lists from Google show the most searched for terms in the world over the whole of the year — both on a global and country-by-country basis.

As is often the case, Eurovision has taken over the searches on Google throughout 2018. Below is a look of how terms and personalities fared in various countries.

Google her, she’s a beautiful creature…

Surprising nobody, Eurovision was quite a popular source of Googling this year in the winning nation of Israel! As you can see below, Netta and her winning entry Toy was heavily searched for:

  • #3 and #5 overall (3rd KAN, 5th Netta Barzilai) 
  • #3 in “How to…” category (“How do we vote in Eurovision?”)
  • #1 and 2 in “Music” (1st Netta Barzilai, 2nd Eurovision)
  • #2 in “People” (Netta)

And elsewhere?

Of course it wasn’t just next year’s host who were obsessed with the contest. Here are some of the other participating nations who tapped away at their keyboards for info about the stars in the show and more. Please note Google don’t have results for all countries (including Australia and Cyprus!):

  • Austria – Cesar Sampson (#3 overall search)
  • Belarus – Eurovision 2018 (#4 Overall, #1 TV show)
  • Belgium – France Gall (#2 International Personality)
  • Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef (#8 Czech Personality) Eurovision (#10 Events)
  • Estonia – Eurovision (#2 Overall)
  • France – France Gall (#2 News) Mercy (#9 Song Lyrics)
  • Greece – Eurovision (#2 Fastest-growing search) Eleni Foureira (#10 celebrity)
  • Hungary – A Dal (#10 TV Show) Toy (#9 Song Lyrics)
  • Italy – San Remo (#3 Events, #8 Overall)
  • Latvia – Supernova (#5 Events) Eurovision (#5 Events)
  • Lithuania – Eurovision (#2 Overall)
  • Serbia – Eurovision (#4 Events, #9 Overall)
  • Slovenia – Eurovision (#3 Events, #5 Overall) EMA (#6 Events, #9 Overall) Lea Sirk (#2 Artists)
  • Spain – Eurovision (#1 Events) Operacion Triunfo (#3 Events)
  • Sweden – Melodifestivalen (#3 TV Shows, #10 Overall) Eurovision Song Contest (#4 TV Shows)
  • Ukraine – Eurovision 2018 (#3 Overall)

Cesar Sampson’s and Mikolas Josef’s fantastic results for their respective countries got their stars shooting up their Google rankings, and the sad loss of France Gall earlier on this year was heavily googled in France and Belgium.

A Kazakh interest…

Kazakhstan do not currently participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, but they made their debut in Junior Eurovision last month. Interestingly, Eurovision was 5th ranked in the TV Shows category in the Asian nation. Could this interest persuade the EBU to let them join adult Eurovision one day?

What Eurovision terms were you googling away at this year? Are you surprised at any of the findings? Let us know in the comments below!


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5 years ago

2018 was the year so many old legends/veterans in both ESC and outside left us…

France Gall, Roger Bannister, Katie Boyle, Lys Assia, Bill Maynard, Teddy Johnson, Eunice Gayson, Barry Chuckle, Aretha Franklin, John McCain, Burt Reynolds, Denis Norden, Charles Aznavour, Stan Lee, George H.W. Bush etc

Tahnee Sinay
Tahnee Sinay
5 years ago

I think I’ve googled for Alekseev almost everyday between January and May. Whoops.

5 years ago
Reply to  Tahnee Sinay

And I think I’ve googled the most for Saara Aalto the whole year 😀

5 years ago

kazakhstan will probarbly participate in 2020