Eurovision is visual song contest. Acts need to have just the right staging to make their songs standout on television screens across Europe. And with the continual rise of YouTube and music videos this now often applies to new music releases they put out after the contest.

Therefore, for this new music roundup we’re looking at some of the stunning music videos that Eurovision alumni have released with their recent songs. Although we may have reviewed the audio of the song already, these music videos are so good that they deserve their own chance in the spotlight.

So here are some our favourite new music videos from Dima Bilan, Ani Lorak, Loïc Nottet, Aram MP3, Ira Losco, AlmaTina Karol and Kati Wolf.

Dima Bilan – “Молния”

Thunder and lightning it’s getting exciting in Dima Bilan’s music video for “Молния” (“Lightning”). The Eurovision 2008 champion heads out to a fancy party, but he’s not really in the mood to do small talk with all the guests and reporters that are also there. That is until he comes across Russian model Daria Klyukina. The chemistry between the two is so electric that lightning begins to spark whenever they get close. And should the pair ever touch…well let’s just say we hope the dog survived.

Ani Lorak – “Сон”

She still has one of the most memorable Eurovision stage performances and Ukraine’s 2008 representative Ani Lorak is once again giving us some incredible visuals for her latest song “Сон” (“Dream”). Set on the top of an urban building, the “Shady Lady” hit-maker serves looks as the city changes continuously underneath her. The singer is possibly in some sort of dream/virtual reality world, as over time we see the city get destroyed as buildings are set on fire and an expanse of trees and greenery is sometimes seen in its place.

Loïc Nottet – “On Fire”

The stunning music videos for “Million Eyes” and “Mud Blood” helped him rise to the top of team wiwi’s best songs of 2016 and 2017 respectively. And now Belgium’s Loïc Nottet is out to make it a hat-trick with the music video for his new single “On Fire”. The clip sees the “Rhythm Inside” singer heading into a mysterious cave with a number of friends. Rocking his new bleached blonde hair style, he comes across a ferocious dragon (albeit a puppet one). Naturally Loïc doesn’t miss an opportunity to show off his dancing ability. Even the dragon seems to approve, as after watching the Belgian star put on a show it finally calms down and allows Loïc to approach it as a friend.

Aram MP3 – “HANINA”

Some of the best music videos don’t need the latest high-tech cinematography methods to stand out. And Armenia’s Aram MP3 proves just that for the clip of his latest single “HANINA”, which was filmed on a VHS camcorder in order to get the desired retro 1980’s style. In it we see Armenia’s Eurovision 2014 act rocking out with his band and back-up singers. There’s some classic old-school visual effects and transitions thrown in for good measure, creating a great overall package that has us reminiscing about all our other favourite retro music videos.

Ira Losco – “Bad Habits”

Continuing the story that started with “Hey Now”, the latest song from Ira Losco’s double album No Sinner No Saint to get the music video treatment is “Bad Habits”. In it we see the Maltese star on a mission to fight a number of hitmen who are out to annihilate the ‘good girl gone bad’. She manages to tie one up and throw him into a swimming pool, and deal with another one in an elevator. Unfortunately, as she almost has the final one in her reach, he manages to overpower the “Walk on Water” singer. Taking Ira to some sort of lab, he turns her into a silver predator. We can only hope that there’s another music video on the way to continue the story further.

Alma – “T’es pas un Homme”

While Ira may be turning silver, if there’s one colour that dominates the latest music video from Eurovision 2017 singer Alma, it’s gold. Decidedly edgier than the songs from her debut album in 2017“T’es pas un Homme” (“You’re not a man”) sees the French singer hitting back at a man who recently did her wrong: “[I’d like you to] get your hand caught into a car door / And be dragged around for a hundred meters / For you to be in a close embrace / With the concrete or the gravel…You’re not a man / You were lucky I’m strong / It could have broken some others / You’re not a man”. Alma shows off this bad-ass side to herself in the accompanying music video, and we see just how strong she is as she sings directly to the camera throughout. The gold background material also acts as a good reminder to the man that, despite what he’s done, she’s still coming out on top.

Tina Karol – “Сила высоты”

If there’s one element that normally works particularly well in a music video, it’s water. And Ukraine’s Eurovision 2006 diva Tina Karol works the liquid as much as possible in her clip for “Сила высоты” (“Power from Above”). Slipping into a nude-coloured catsuit , the “Show Me Your Love” singer serves body throughout. At times she goes further and takes the plunge without any clothes, showing off her stunning figure. There’s even some bare-skin action from a person of the male variety, who is likely a reference to the person that Tina sings too in the lyrics: “I won’t let you sleep, I’ll make you dream about me / I know that I was near you from day one / You’re the only one with the power to tame me”.

Kati Wolf – “Underwater”

Continuing the water theme, Eurovision 2011 singer Kati Wolf’s latest single is “Underwater”. Unfortunately there’s not a drop of liquid water to be seen in the music video, though it does mostly have a blue-coloured background to it. The Hungarian singer rocks a number of looks while the clip transitions between shots using a series of geometric shapes. We also see a mysterious dancer draped in a shimmering cloak whose moves are perhaps supposed to be as fluid as water.

Which of these music videos is your favourite? Do you think any of them are better than the visual treatment their respective Eurovision songs got on stage? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 years ago

Loïc is such an artist, best decision ever for him to go to eurovision and get his career started! I hope we can see him once more for Belgium in the upcoming years!

5 years ago

On Fire. Great song, that touches. The video is unbelievable <3

5 years ago

I’m ‘On Fire’ for the new song of Loïc Nottet 🙂