Perché Sanremo è Sanremo! This year the Sanremese parade will be beautiful and full of surprises. It’s time to discover who will serve as guest at the musical party!

Twenty four singers will sing-it-out at the Ariston Theatre from 5 to 9 February 2019 for honour and glory — and the ticket to Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

For the first time since 2004 there will be only one category on stage, following the cancellation of the traditional distinction between Big and Newcomers.

A novelty strongly desired by the artistic director and host Claudio Baglioni, who created a separate festival — named Sanremo Giovani, with the last of two shows aired tonight — for the emerging acts. The two winners will compete together with twenty two well established artists.

Let’s see who reached first place taking the chance to sing at the Sanremo Music Festival 2019!

Sanremo Giovani – second night

Mahmood with “Gioventù bruciata” is the second winner of Sanremo Giovani. It won’t be a debut for him at the Festival since he came fourth in the Newcomers with “Dimentica” in 2016. That year he competed in the same category with two former Eurovision acts: Francesco Gabbani and Ermal Meta.

The singer also participated in the sixth edition of X Factor Italy in 2012. He recently released the singles “Uramaki” and “Milano Good Vibes“.

Another little curiosity about him. Mahmood is the author of “Hola (I Say)“, the latest single by Marco Mengoni featuring Tom Walker.

He will took the stage of Sanremo 2019 with a new song, not the one he won the competition with.

This is the final ranking of the second show:

  1. Mahmood – Gioventù bruciata
  2. La Rua – Alla mia età si vola
  3. Nyvinne – Io ti penso
  4. Cordio – La nostra vita
  5. Sisma – Slow motion
  6. Mescalina – Chiamami amore adesso
  7. Angelucci – L’uomo che verrà
  8. La Zero – Nina è brava
  9. Francesca Miola – Amarsi non serve
  10. Cannella – Nei miei ricordi
  11. Le Ore – La mia felpa è come me
  12. Saita – Niwrad

Rai, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has developed a prestigious project.

Six competitors of Sanremo Giovani — the first three classified of each evening — will go on a world tour in the spring of 2019, that will take place in Tunis, Tokyo, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Barcelona and Brussels.

Sanremo 2019 participants

Here is the second half of the official participants. The first half has been revealed yesterday night, during the first show of Sanremo Giovani, and includes Loredana Bertè, Simone Cristicchi, Ghemon, Il Volo, Irama, Motta, Nek, Anna Tatangelo, Paola Turci, The Zen Circus and Ultimo.

Arisa – “Mi sento bene”

Rosalba “Arisa” Pippa is one of the most appreciated names by eurofans all over the globe when it comes to Italian music. The singer’s fortune is closely linked to Sanremo. She triumphed among the Newcomers in 2009 with “Sincerità” and conquered the Big section in 2014 with “Controvento“. She also reached an excellent 2nd place in 2012 with “La notte“.

Boomdabash – “Per un milione”

Thanks to this group in Sanremo there will also be a representative of dancehall reggae music. Many projects and collaborations in their discography, including two certified hits: “A tre passi da te” with Alessandra Amoroso and “Non ti dico no” with Loredana Bertè.

Federica Carta & Shade – “Senza farlo apposta”

Sanremese duets are often born by chance. This couple has already collaborated in the past. Federica Carta came 3rd in the sixteenth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Shade is a rapper. Their 3x platinum “Irraggiungibile” has almost 100 million views on YouTube.

Nino D’Angelo & Livio Cori – “Un’altra luce”

Nino D’Angelo is a cult artist in the Neapolitan music scene, active since the 70’s. He had the ability over the years to gain respect and national notoriety, experiencing many genres in his career. He went from pop to folk, jazz and ethnic music too. He participated five times at the Festival. One of his best entries is “Senza giacca e cravatta” from 1999. Livio Cori is an emerging rapper from Naples.

Ex-Otago – “Solo una canzone”

Another act coming from the indie scene makes its debut in Sanremo. Ex-Otago is a band from Genova that has been active since 2002 with moderate success. To get an idea of their genre it is good to listen “Quando sono con te” or their latest single “Questa notte“.

Achille Lauro – “Rolls Royce”

The rumors were clear: Baglioni strongly wanted a competing artist coming from the successful trap scene. His choice fell on Lauro De Marinis, aka Achille Lauro. Four albums, two mix tapes, an EP to date and millions of views on YouTube and streams on Spotify. His most famous song is “Thoiry Remix“, a collaboration with Gemitaiz.

Negrita – “I ragazzi stanno bene”

An Italian rock band formed in 1991, named after the song “Hey Negrita” by The Rolling Stones. They reached the peak of their career between the end of the 90’s and the first half of the 2000’s releasing hits like “Mama maè” and “Rotolando verso sud“. This will be their second attempt at Sanremo.

Enrico Nigiotti – “Nonno Hollywood”

He is a singer-songwriter and guitarist with several TV experiences behind him. Enrico made himself known in 2009 by taking part in Amici di Maria De Filippi, and then joining the Newcomers of Sanremo 2015 with “Qualcosa da decidere“. In 2017 he came third in the eleventh serie of X Factor Italy, publishing the platinum certified hit “L’amore è” the same year.

Patty Pravo & Briga – “Un po’ come la vita”

Patty Pravo is reportedly the third best-selling Italian artist of all time — after Mina and Adriano Celentano — having sold more than 110 million records. She won three Critics’ Prizes at Sanremo: in 1984 with “Per una bambola“, in 1997 with “…e dimmi che non vuoi morire” and in 2016 with “Cieli immensi“. Mattia “Briga” Bellegrandi is a rapper, runner-up from the fourteenth series of Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Francesco Renga – “Aspetto che torni”

Former winner of the Festival in 2005 with “Angelo“, Francesco has a long love affair with Sanremo. He has participated twice in the Newcomers: in 1991 with the rock band Timoria and in 2002 as a soloist with “Raccontami“. He then competed in the Big section four times.

Daniele Silvestri – “Argento vivo”

Umpteenth name coming from the neverending list of Sanremo’s Newcomers. His debut at the Festival dates back to 1995 with “L’uomo col megafono“. He won two Critics’ prizes at the kermesse: in 1999 with “Aria” and in 2002 with “Salirò“.

Last May Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro finished 5th in the final with their “Non mi avete fatto niente”. Do you think any of Sanremo 2019’s acts can improve on her result? Let us know in the comments box below!

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4 years ago

Oh, I’m really rooting for Arisa. I was so pissed off, that she didn’t go to Eurovision in 2014 with that genius song “Controvento”.

Charli Cheer Up
Charli Cheer Up
4 years ago
Reply to  Skiwalko

Same! for me watching its music video was already enough to give it Top 5 at ESC. RAI should’ve just stucked with San Remo.

4 years ago

It looks on the paper very pleasant, I wish you good luck.

4 years ago

Mind blowing for me too! My boyfriend is from Dunedin.

4 years ago

This year is going to be like an All Stars edition of Sanremo music festival! We have all the ingredients to snatch the crown in Tel Aviv, i’m hoping for good performances and perfect songs.

4 years ago

well, this is going to be epic!

4 years ago

Who cares Jonida qualified in FiK wig

Frisian esc
Frisian esc
4 years ago

Yess, loooove arisa! I still listen to controvento a lot when i’m in the mood for it.