Everyone remembers Hungary’s crazy metal guys from Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. The boys of AWS  were angry on stage and funny everywhere else. And now they’re proving that metal-heads are as good-hearted and compassionate as anyone else.

For the third year in a row, the band have held their annual “shoebox collecting event” in their favorite pub, where they collected gifts from fans. They then took these gifts to children in need in the city of Bátka, and then staged a little jam session with the kids.

But there’s more. The group recently offered the jacket that frontman Örs wore on the Eurovision stage (lovely memorabilia, folks!) to the charity auction run by rock club Robot. They will be donating the income to a children’s hospital in Budapest.

In fact, even YOU could get Örs‘ jacket. All you need to do is comment with your bid under the picture of Örs and his jacket on the club’s Facebook post (embedded below) until the evening of January 13th when the auction will close. So kill those voices in your head and GRAB THE MOMENT!

And while people are busy getting the last few details together for the holiday season, AWS are about to feast your ears with something unique: the Budakeszi-based group revealed that the CD/DVD version of their unplugged gig at the prestigious Madách Theatre will be released at Christmas! So if you’re still out of ideas on what to put under the tree, here’s a good suggestion. As a teaser of what to expect, here’s the performance of “Hol Voltál”, featuring Zsófi Tarján — front-woman of former A Dal superfinalist group Honeybeast (2014).

Are you looking forward to the unplugged CD/DVD? Or maybe you’d like to get Örs Eurovision jacket for your collection of Eurovision memorabilia? Sound off in the comments below!

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Eurovision Online
Eurovision Online
3 years ago

Bad news: Il Volo have your dates in May 2019 meaning that if they win Sanremo They will not go to Eurovision more info = https://youtu.be/lP96JDooIis

Loin dici
Loin dici
3 years ago

This is unexpected and sweet, maybe because I don’t expect it, but it’s the news that we all need in this festive season.