Earlier last month, she gave us a first insight into her new project. Ever since the single release, Lena is really busy preparing her album rollout. And earlier this month, the music video for “Thank You” was published!

Her fifth studio album “Only Love, L” is set for a 5 April 2019 release date. The lead single entered the German single charts at number 40, despite heavy competition from fellow singers. Besides, it’s also shaping up to become her next radio hit as it continues to climb on the airplay charts (number 22 last week). Eight years into her career, Lena proves that she’s still a force to be reckoned with!

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#thankyou for your love and support. This new musical journey is just about to start now and it makes me so happy!! I worked so hard, but more importantly: i put my heart in it and I try to be as honest and in the moment as I can! The song is a thank you for the bad stuff because it makes you stronger but I wanna say #thankyou for the good stuff as well! #thankyou @beatgees for putting the song together with me. Endless hours of studio, over and over! #thankyou @sucukundbratwurst @selamxstudio @_claudiarafael @hendrik.schneider @sirius.film @easydoesit_berlin for your creative work I’m so grateful !! #thankyou teamL Erdem, Bella, Jen, chinou @alleaugenauf @leenazimmermann @teambudde ??????

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The track received positive reviews from critics. Many praise its lyrical content and that despite some difficulties during the recording process of her new album, she kept on working. The outcome is a song which is unlike anything she’s put out so far — her fans seem to adore it!

The video begins with an emotional acapella intro where Lena sings to herself. One immediately gets that there’s a deeper message Lena is bringing across! Following the intro, there’s a scene with people lying on the ground. In close-up shots, she can be seen interacting with some of them. Her choreography delivers a strong and empowered image. No more sadness, indeed!

Overall, the video does a great job at delivering her message to the viewer. And with other people sharing their stories as well, there’s a great atmosphere during the (nearly) five minutes! Not to mention that Lena looks beautiful and seems to be in a good spot right now.

What do you think about the new video? Does it live up to your expectations after listening to the song? Sound off in the the comments section below!

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5 years ago

Is good but she seems so troubled..since esc all her songs had the same message about sad past and becoming stronger. She and Michael Schulte are not over daddy issues. It should be a 2019 resolution : be in 2019!

5 years ago
Reply to  sche

I honestly think it is not okay to judge someone and pretend to know how someone feels. She had many happy songs since she won and they haven’t all been about her individual struggles – it is a rather new approach she has and I think we all apprecite authentic stories… that’s what people ask for more and more.