Former world champion and 2018 Olympic silver medalist Evgenia Medvedeva set hearts on fire recently. The Russian figure skater chose Kristian Kostov’s Eurovision 2017 entry “Beautiful Mess” as part of her latest exhibition program. Bringing the worlds of figure skating and Eurovision together, Medvedeva expressed her love for the Bulgarian entry.

As Kristian became aware of Medvedeva’s work, their social media interactions grew. Fans of both stars hoped that the two would meet up. Finally, fate allowed the two to cross paths in Moscow in June, at the opening ceremony of Nike Box MSK, a sprawling 4,685-meter multi-sport facility, located in Gorky Park.

“Beautiful Mess” — Evgenia Medvedeva & Kristian Kostov

Fans of the duo have been eagerly awaiting an artistic collaboration ever since. Thankfully, a special video was shot on New Year’s Eve at one of the many mammoth open air ice rinks in Moscow. The video thanked fans of both artists for their support and showcased “Beautiful Mess” in a new light. Kristian sets a relaxed mood singing his Eurovision entry. Evgenia’s skating draws on the emotion of the song and gives it new life.

Evgenia and Kristian also used the holiday to spend time together, including skating around at another one of Moscow’s trendy holiday skating spots. One wouldn’t blame Kristian for slipping and sliding all over, but Medvedeva does her best to hold on. It’s clear that their shared artistic bonds has united them as kindred spirits.

Evgenia Medvedeva and Kristian Kostov on social media

There is plenty of evidence of the duo’s blossoming friendship on social media. Evgenia and Kristian spent time skating on a Moscow ice rink before the video was shot.

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Warm winter??( ??? )

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Fans of both Eurovision and skating seem hopeful that Medvedeva and Kostov’s artistic coupling will continue. Could this lead to a possible teaming up on a future project that could have eventual Eurovision implications? With Bulgaria already having declared their withdrawal from the 2019 contest in Tel Aviv, fans will seemingly have to wait at least another year for such an entry, unless they were to represent another country such as Russia.

Skating at Eurovision

This new skater/singer partnership certainly invokes memories of another skater/singer match that worked out rather well at Eurovision. At the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Russia’s Dima Bilan sang “Believe”, securing Russia’s only win in the contest to date. He was accompanied by 2006 Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko’s flashy and emotional movement on a seriously cramped postage-stamp sized patch of artificial ice on the stage in Belgrade, Serbia.

Ice skating is certainly not the only thing on Kristian Kostov’s mind. The Bulgarian star is taking his talent to Asia, entering China’s biggest reality singing contest in 2019. Kristian’s career is truly taking off and this collaboration is another fantastic notch on his belt.

Are you feeling the wintry holiday vibes of Evgenia and Kristian’s fan appreciation video? Do you think there is potential Eurovision magic in a project that makes use of both of their unique talents? Or is the whole singer/skater staging concept something that is best not repeated? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 years ago

They are very similar in their artistic sensibility, enjoyable to watch and listen to. And now they seem to have a very sweet friendship. I wish them both success.