At Eurovision 2006 she gave Croatia a 12th-place finish with the Dalmatian-inspired “Moja Stikla”. Now, over a decade later, Severina remains the Balkan Queen of Pop and the singer recently finished off 2018 by releasing the new song “Imaš Pravo” (“You’re right”).

2018 was a massive year for the Croatian star, and saw her releasing singles such as “Tutorial” and “M.A.G.I.A”. The latter of these even made it onto our countdown of the top tracks of the year.

However, this most recent track is a bit different to some of the other ballads she has released in the past. “Imaš Pravo” has a blues quality to it that fills the song with depth and character.

The melody and vocals show an intense amount of emotion. Meanwhile the lyrics discuss the sorrow someone can experience while undergoing a turbulent relationship, as she sings: “You’re right, maybe the problem is in me / That tonight again you are going to another woman / That you lie to me, you cheat, and you’re crazy loved / You’re right darling, the problem is in me”.

Speaking about the new single, Severina says: “I devote this song to women heroes who are victims of any kind of violence. For all of us who are sensitive…”.

In the accompanying music video we initially see Severina being ‘punished’. She poses for a mug shot and has to plead her case in a room surrounded by multiple men wearing black suits and long-brimmed hats.

However, everything appears to work out in the end. The clip finishes with the Eurovision alum taking her rightful place on stage and performing to her audience in a beautiful nude-coloured gown, which features cutouts down the leg and an asymmetrical neckline leading to a sleeve along the left arm.

Although 2019 is only just beginning, Severina has already revealed some big plans for the upcoming months.

The Croatian singer will be releasing a new album entitled Halo. The LP is scheduled to be released on the 1st February. And if her recent releases are anything to go by then we can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us on the full album!

Severina at Eurovision

Severina competed at Eurovision 2006 where she placed 12th with the song “Moja Stikla” — a far more traditional number than her more recent back catalogue.

As her career has moved from strength to strength, Eurovision fans have repeatedly called on her to return to Eurovision. With Croatia failing to make the Eurovision final in Lisbon, it’s perhaps more conceivable that Severina might consider giving the contest a go. We’d all be served well if she did!

What do you think of Severina’s “Imas Pravo”? Are you excited for her new upcoming album? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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5 years ago

It’s a really good song. Love it!

5 years ago

she is great but she will probably never come back…also, its important to say that this is a cover of a song from Greece…i forgot the name

p.s. Nina Kralji? released her new song too