With the first semi-final of Destination Eurovision due to take place tomorrow evening, broadcaster France 2 has revealed the members of the international jury who will help select the qualifiers for the French grand final. Among the five jurors is Sanja Vučić, who represented Serbia at Eurovision 2016.

France 2 confirmed the news on social media, declaring “And this is the international jury of the first semi-final!”

A second jury will be used for the second semi-final and a ten-person international jury will be involved in the grand final. These jury members will be announced later.

The five-person international jury replaces the six-member jury from 2018. Last year the jury consisted of three international representatives and three French-speaking members. The 2018 jury were wholly responsibly for deciding the qualifiers for the grand final.

This year the international juries will vote on the semi-finals along with a public televote.

The most familiar face on the semi-final one jury is Serbian singer Sanja Vučić. As Sanja Vučić ZAA, she represented Serbia at Eurovision 2016 with the empowerment anthem “Goodbye (Shelter)”. Sanja now performs with the spicy Serbian trio Hurricane.

Returning to the jury is 2018 member Tali Eshkoli. She’s the founder and organiser of the Israel Calling pre-party and is a co-producer of Eurovision 2019. Her 2018 equivalent will also be part of the jury. Eurovision 2018 co-producer and Eurovision Reference Group member Carla Bugalho Trindade will represent Portugal on the jury.

Also making up the jury is Armenia’s new Head of Delegation David Tserunyan, while representing the UK is Paul “Dr Eurovision” Jordan.

In the first semi-final this Saturday night, the first nine acts will perform their songs. A combination of jury vote and televote will decide which four acts will make it to the grand final in two week’s time.

Make sure to vote in our poll and tell us who your favourites are from the first semi-final of Destination Eurovision!

What do you think of the international jury? Should Destination Eurovision also have a French-speaking jury? Tell us your thoughts below!

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5 years ago

Hard choice for her. Semi Final 1 will be murder!

5 years ago

Aysat, Battista Acquaviva, Chimène and Florina are my qualifiers but I’m pretty sure the outcome will be different. Oh well ^^

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
5 years ago

I need it to be Bilal <3