Things are lining up nicely in Germany, as NDR continues its final preparations for Unser Lied für Israel. They already revealed Michael Schulte, Udo Lindenberg and Revolverheld as interval acts. And now, taking the cake and letting us enjoy it in the process, they’ve announced that Eurovision 2010 winner Lena will also hit the stage in Berlin.

It’s the latest sign of the German broadcaster’s ambition and fire, and a strong suggestion that they really do want to win it all over again.

There’s no need to introduce Lena. No one can forget the memorable performance she delivered of “Satellite” back in Oslo. While others went for bangs, clangs and explosions, she kept it simple in a little black dress. She was our pre-contest favourite here at wiwibloggs, with wiwiblogger William applauding her play on words and clever use of the satellite to convey her love. As he wrote:

There’s a fine line between puppy love and psychotic obsession — and Lena Meyer-Landrut blurs it brilliantly. In her Eurovision entry “Satellite,” the 18-year old projects frustration at being ignored: “I went everywhere for you/ I even did my hair for you/ I bought new underwear that’s blue/ And I wore it just the other day.” A true masochist, she soon converts that pain into pleasure. When the chorus rolls around, she radiates ecstasy while dancing in a black void and compares herself to the loneliest of travelers: “Like a satellite I’m in orbit all the way around you/ And I would fall out into the night/ Can’t go a minute without your love.”

She’s leveraged her Eurovision win into a major career in German-speaking countries, and boasts four top two albums in Germany. She’s also racked up six top ten singles, including her latest gold-certified hit “Wild & Free”.

The performance during Unser Lied für Israel comes ahead of the release of her fifth studio album “Only Love, L”. Set for release on 5 April 2019, the album includes the lead single “Thank You”. The track recently climbed the airplay and streaming charts domestically so now is a great time to capitalise on the momentum. On top of that the song also reached number five on our top tracks of 2018 countdown. Yessssss.

Lena is a perfect interval act. Besides winning Eurovision, she endured Germany’s national selection format and understands the nerves and jitters that the contestants face at home. The seven finalists — Gregor Hägele, Makeda, Aly Ryan, BB Thomaz, Linus Bruhn, lilly among clouds and Sisters — should definitely hit our girl up for some intel and advice.

The show on 22 February in Berlin includes hosts Barbara Schöneberger and Linda Zervakis. Moreover, Eurovision executive producer Jon Ola Sand will present the public votes, while the Eurovision panel votes will be revealed by 2018 spokesperson Anke Giffhorn and a mystery male panelist. With the news that Lena is set to perform, be sure to grab your tickets… as they might sell out very soon!

Are you looking forward to seeing Lena as part of the line-up? And will you watch the national final next month? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Omgv? the best news in this day????

Mike Soto
Mike Soto

Now if only some radio station in North America will start playing “Thank You”…


Lena has certainly grown since “Satellite”. Personally, I thought she won with “Cat Call” but I was outvoted. LOL. Glad she is going to be seen Worldwide again.


It’s always hard to grasp how contestants careers are post-Eurovision in their home countries outside of the Eurovision-bubble, but Lena’s always seemed to me one that’s cemented herself a significant place within the German music industry, which I love.

Thunder and lighting it is getting exciting

What are you talking about? The last years three years lena only taking pictures in instagram and she is traveling every single week . Her latest album don’t even get gold status and her music videos nearly make 1 million views. She is more like a model now and less like a singer.


Nice to see her again. It has been a while.


Yay Lena