While many countries have already revealed their list of Eurovision hopefuls and contenders, Denmark is still holding its cards close to its chest. With exactly one month before Dansk Melodi Grand Prix kicks off in Boxen in Herning, the Danish media has been reporting up a storm, citing its connections and unnamed sources at the broadcaster and with artists. On one level it’s all speculation about who is going to compete to represent Denmark in Tel Aviv. But on another it reflects the wishes and hopes of these artists’ fans. So with that in mind Wiwibloggs has hit the Danish press to round-up who Danish insiders and entertainment pundits are whispering about.

Julie Berthelsen: Greenlandic Popstars veteran

According to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, one of the artists at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will be Danish-Greenlandic singer Julie Berthelsen.

Julie is a veteran of the Danish music industry. The 39-year-old singer rose to fame back in 2002 when she finished second in Denmark’s version of Popstars.

Since her Popstars days, Julie has had several hit records — most notably “Home” and “Julie” that went double platinum and gold respectively.

She also hosted Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2010 and been a regular host of DR’s annual tv show “Christmas greetings for Greenland”, which is the longest-running tv show in the world.

She even recorded a duet with former Dansk Melodi Grand Prix artist Bryan Rice.

Obviously, it’s a big no-no to reveal anything before DR makes it official, but this is what Julie Berthelsen said to Ekstra Bladet.

“It would be fun to talk about, but at this time I have no comments.”

Very interesting, y’all. It’d be a major coup to get her in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, so our fingers are crossed Ekstra Bladet has reliable sources.

Jasmin Gabay – A Cake to Bake?

Another one of the more solid rumours is that singer Jasmin Gabay is going to be participating in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Jasmin is an established singer and songwriter.

Last December she toured with Mariah Carey on her European Christmas Tour and until recently she was lead singer in the disco band Le Freak, which competed in DMGP in 2011 with “25 Hours a Day” albeit not with Jasmin as lead singer then.

She was also a backing singer for Anja at Eurovision in 2017 and she is, moreover, a skilled jazz singer.

But in her home country she is mostly known for her baking skills as she was one of the finalists in the Great Danish Bake Off 2018.

It will be very interesting indeed to see what the Bake Off darling has to offer. It can only be sweet.


According to media HER & NU, the well-known Dansk Top (like schlager) band Humørekspressen (The Humour Express) will be one of the participants at the Grand Prix extravaganza in Herning.

Humørekspressen consists of four guys: guitarist Peter Lützen, Pharfar (a wordplay on granddad), Klumpen (meaning the lump) and children’s host Chapper. The band was formed in 2017 and the four musicians tour Denmark with their songs from their debut album “En lille en”.

This could be quite something. The band would most definitely compete with a song in Danish, which has become a rarity in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in recent years.

Sigmund: X Factor darling

Danish media HER & NU also reports that the semifinalist from Danish X Factor 2018 Sigmund Trondheim is going to have his Dansk Melodi Grand Prix debut.

The 23-year-old singer has a bit of buzz around him. Sigmund is openly gay and he has been portrayed in a two episode documentary “Will Sigmund go to hell?” on DR, where he discussed his personal story of being gay.

Sigmund has obvious skills and would bring something fresh to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.


Rumour also has it that Eurovision veteran Lise Cabble (“Only Teardrops”) and A Friend in London lead singer Tim Schou will have songs competing in this year’s DMGP.

What we do know…

Not a lot. But we do know that Ryk has a song competing in the show. And that DR will reveal all of the artists and songs on 31 January. Not long now!

What do you think about the rumours? Who would you like to see in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix? Leave your comments in the box below.


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5 years ago

If Sigmund is in, he’s probably winning this. Even with an average song. People love drama. Also, look who is the fav in Destination Eurovision, even if “Roi” is flat and average.

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
5 years ago
Reply to  Héctor

So are you either implying that:
1. People with a large amount of online followers for dramatic stories are using their existing fanbases to do better at Eurovision national finals than they otherwise should be? Or…
2. People are using the “drama” aspect of being LGBT to gain an advantage at competing in Eurovision national finals?

5 years ago
Reply to  Purple Mask

Sigmund will 100 % not win. Yes, some think he is “sweet” but thinks he is horrible. 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  ESCdenmark

“some” thinks he is horrible. 🙂

5 years ago

So far, Ryk is the most exciting thing about DMGP.

5 years ago
Reply to  Briekimchi

Ryk arent even in the DMGP. 🙂

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
5 years ago

The hype is real. 🙂