It’s the fourth night of the long-lasting Sanremo Music Festival. The third live episode collected over 9.4 million viewers and an audience share of 46.7% — and the competition is really getting going.

Friday night at the Ariston Theatre, the 24 competing artists enhanced their performances with the help of other colleagues before tomorrow’s last episode.

Who took the stage as special guests? Among them singers, actors, comedians, musicians, dancers and many former Sanremo participants, such as Nada, Noemi, Giovanni Caccamo, Roy Paci, Diodato, Bungaro, Rocco Hunt, Syria, Irene Grandi, Manuel Agnelli, Sergio Sylvestri, Sottotono and Morgan.

Also three former Eurovision acts took part: Fabrizio Moro paired up with Ultimo to sing “I miei particolari”, Ermal Meta performed “Abbi cura di me” with Simone Cristicchi, while Enrico Ruggeri sang “I ragazzi stanno bene” together with Negrita.

At the end of the night, the expert jury awarded a prize for the Best Duet to Motta and Nada for their rendition of “Dov’è l’Italia”.

Since the list of songs performed was very long, just a couple of extra guests filled this evening. A rarity for Sanremo!

Italian rocker Ligabue sung his latest single “Le luci d’America”, “Urlando contro il cielo” and “Dio è morto”, while recent X Factor Italy winner Anastasio made an unexpected appearance on stage to present a new song called “Correre”.

‘Nuff said, let’s go straight to results of this special duets night! Oh wait… to keep us in suspense until the grand final, the organisers decided to NOT show us the top, middle and bottom-ranked artists this time. Ouch!

But we’ll leave y’all with the complete list of duets if you want to hear a different version of the competing songs waiting for the final act of Sanremo 2019.

Sanremo’s duets night

On Saturday night, the 24 competing acts will sing their original entries for the last time, to gain the trophy. They will be judged by the televote (50%), the press jury (30%) and the experts jury (20%) .

Three of them will then advance to the final round and after another performance of their song, one will finally be crowned the winner.

How will the Sanremo winner be picked?

Voting during the five evenings will occur through different combinations of four methods:

  • Public televoting, carried out via landline, mobile phone, the contest’s official mobile app, and online voting.
  • Press jury voting, expressed by accredited journalists that followed the competition from the Roof Hall at the Ariston Theatre.
  • demoscopic poll, composed of a sample of 300 music fans, which voted from their homes via an electronic voting system managed by Ipsos.
  • Expert jury voting, resulting from points assigned by eight personalities from the world of music, entertainment and culture.

The three voting systems will have a percentage weight so distributed:

  • First, Second and Third Evening: 40% public televoting; 30% demoscopic poll; 30% press jury voting
  • Fourth and Fifth Evening: 50% public televoting; 30% press jury voting; 20% expert jury voting

In the final part of the fifth evening, a new rank indicating the top three acts — determined by the percentage of votes obtained in this evening’s vote and those obtained in previous evenings — will be drawn up.

What do you think of the songs of Sanremo 2019? Who are you most excited for? Share your thoughts below!

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Polegend Godgarina
Polegend Godgarina
4 years ago

people here are MAD, that victory was so random and undeserved

Fast Food Music Lover
Fast Food Music Lover
4 years ago

That’s unfair. Mahmood’s song is not for duet.

4 years ago

Well, Nek should have won. His duet was awesome, the song sounded different. The winning one is nonsense !

4 years ago

Not Ultimo or Simone? I know they like to spread the awards out but come on…!

4 years ago

If by some chance Il Volo win they need to make the duet version with the violinist their Eurovision entry because that was great, and what was missing from the original version.